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25 Elegant & Beautiful Examples Of Simplicity And Minimalism

Simple things are often more beautiful, elegant and bold. But achieving the simplicity in itself is an art — an art of expression where less is more. Lesser words and more impact, lesser clutter and more of an effect. Well I am not here to give you tips about zen life like Leo Babauta, zenhabits.net fame, but to share with you some simply beautiful photographs that explicitly add to the interest, mood and expression of an image. Check out for yourself and give your creativity a zen advantage for a variety in your photo-collection.

  1. Life
  2. Feet On The Beach
  3. Una De Flores
  4. Light Curves
  5. Gazing Out To Sea
  6. The Inlines
  7. Thieves Are At Work At This Cinema
  8. Seasons
  9. Japanese People Call This Art Nature
  10. Untitled
  11. The Spine
  12. The Do Stay Just A Little Bit More
  13. A World Of Its Own
  14. I Have You With Me
  15. Boat And Rope
  16. It’s About Time
  17. Lonely Tree
  18. Just My Glasses
  19. Fulla
  20. Reeds
  21. Breathing In The City
  22. My Solitude Enlightens Me…
  23. Monsoon
  24. Silence
  25. Flores Rojas

Wow, simple things are really quite effective, just like these photographs. Some of the pics unfold the joy of silence while others recite the hollowness of loneliness. What more? Check out the article on simplicity and minimalism for some quick tips and photography ideas to add value to your art with Simplicity & Minimalism.

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