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20 Mind Blowing Examples Of Smoke Art Photography

Just like splash photography, Smoke photography is also a lot of fun and challenging activity. The unusual shapes and unique compositions in the final result make it far more interesting and creativity fueling exercise. And the best part of smoke photography exercise is that you get to experience how to work in a small studio-like set-up at home. The appropriate positioning of the lights, continuous clicks and a little bit of photo-shopping uplifts your creative bounds for making artistic smoke photographs; like the ones shared here.

  1. Barbell Pushup Smoke
  2. Riat Fairford 2010
  3. Smoke Wallpaper
  4. Discrepant
  5. Smoke
  6. To End In Smoke
  7. Dancing Imagination
  8. Up In Smoke
  9. Fire In The Sky
  10. The Ultimate Question
  11. Clouds, Mist And Smoke Over Alaska
  12. Mt. San Miguel Continues To Burn, San Diego Wildfires
  13. Candle
  14. Day 22, The Matchstick
  15. The Flame’s Off Butthe Glow Persists
  16. Silky Smoke
  17. Candle Macro
  18. Volcanic Eruption
  19. Touch Of Smoke
  20. Servers And Paschal Candle

Have you tried smoke photography yet? Feel free to share your smoke photography collection with us in comments.

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