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Top 5 Nikon DSLRs This Season

Planning to buy a DSLR this fall? Here are Advanced Photography’s top 5 picks for this fall. Nikon is offering some of the best cameras with loads of features for your photographing quest. Ranging from excellent picture quality to high definition video quality; from in-camera settings to image editor; it is offering hot deals in all its flavors. Active D-lighting, amazing image processing engine and improved auto-focus system makes the Nikon range of DSLRs nothing but outstanding.

  1. Nikon D7000

    Nikon D7000 is an apt solution for amateur to semi-professional photographs. It scores over others in the Nikon family owing to its excellent battery power and amazing picture quality. This 16.2 megapixel camera is power packed with new image processing engine called EXPEED2 which makes up for impressive image quality and high-speed image processing. Its AF system features 39 focus points making it fairly simple for newbies to get focused and sharp results. Alongside, it also provides full HD (1,920×1,080) movie recording function, compatible with external stereo microphone — all this for $1195.95 approx. Get it here.

  2. Nikon D5000

    This 12.3 megapixel camera comes packed with 2.7 inch tilt and swivel LCD. Nikon D5000 is ready to cut-off between ease of a compact camera and image quality of professional DSLRs by providing advanced scene modes; an added advantage over the manual exposure mode. This camera comes packed with all the features of D90 and adds value to user experience with higher capacity battery and optional MC-DC2 remote cord. All you need to spend for this simply brilliant photo gear is $629.95 approx. Not a bad deal at all — it provides great learning experience for newbies and offers certain advanced features for professionals and hobbyists. Get it here.

  3. Nikon D3100

    Nikon D3100 is the low cost and high performance equipment. This 14.2 megapixel camera is ultra-lightweight and its low vibration abilities help make good hand-held shots. Nikon D3100 is the perfect solution for refined and sharp images. The most amazing and outstanding feature of this DSLR is its clear viewfinder which provides AF-assist illuminator; a great help for good composition. Bring home this perfect gift from Nikon for $699.95 approx. Get it here.

  4. Nikon D700

    Nikon D700 is 12.1 megapixel FX format camera; with ISO sensitivity of 25600 equivalent. Nikon D700 provides you the apt professional solution, with high ISO performance and low noise, quality output for a cost of $2699.95. The camera has excellent low light performance and gives stunning results at that. So if you are looking to photograph action under dim light, get a D700 here.

  5. Nikon D90

    This 12.3 megapixel camera claims to be the highly efficient energy saving equipment. Nikon D90 provides all the patent features of Nikon — active D-lighting, D-movie mode, EXPEED concept and scene recognition system for a cost of $899.95, a good deal for a passionate photographer. Get it here.

It’s easy to count on your wish-list with Nikon. It offers amazing features for everyone; be it a pro photographer or an amateur. What’s your pick?

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