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Photography Basics — Things You Need To Know Before You Pick Up The Camera

Have you ever wondered why your pictures don’t come the way you want or how some people capture better pictures than others. Lets see some simple rules before even we pick up our camera…..

  1. See what your camera sees

    Yes, that’s true. Most of the time we see something very beautiful but it does not come the same way on the camera. You need to understand that human eyes are a highly complex camera attached with the greatest super computer called ‘Brain’. For example, we see a beautiful sunset. We do not realize that eyes, coupled with our brain, analyzes the distance, height, all the 3 dimensions, color, level of light/ darkness, blah, blah, blah…in a fraction of a second and our eye muscles adjust immediately to get a better view. Can u do that in a camera? I think you got the point. Always see what your camera sees.

  2. Be passionate but not emotional

    Most of the time budding photographers get so excited by the sight, that they overlook the technicalities of photography. As a result they get bad results and get demotivated. What is important that we need to keep the passion high but we do not get emotional with subject. Photographers decide what they want to shoot before they go to the jungle and carry the equipment based on their goal for that day. For example, if they plan to shoot macro work they will not divert themselves for long shots of animals even if the subject looks tempting. That’s the difference between amateur and professional photographers.

  3. Learning Concepts Of Photography

    Before getting started with some serious photography, all you have to do is understand some basic and generic concepts involved with making your shots look simply perfect!

    Starting Sequence

    Starting Sequence by Saturn

    1. What Is The Right Exposure: For capturing a good picture, sensor of your camera should be exposed to just the right amount of light. Not too dark, not too light, but just right.
    2. How To Control The Exposure: Exposure is proportional to aperture, shutter-speed and ISO. These are the three main pillars, exposure rests on. Thus a correct knowledge of these concepts enables you to get the optimal exposure.
    3. What Camera Modes You should Use: Digital cameras provide us with various photo shooting modes like — (P)ortrait, (A)perture, (M)anual etc.., It allows a photographer to control the parameters of ISO, shutter-speed and others. You can experience these diverse special effects direct from the camera by understanding the modes correctly.
    4. Essential Attributes Of Light: Natural light or artificial light — photography is all about lighting. And to get the most from it all you have to understand the features of light covered under this article.
    5. How To Take Great Photographs: What makes picture look distinct, beautiful and interesting? Keeping up with certain details of photography can result in amazing photos.
    6. How To Use Flash: When the ambient light is too low, flash is used to illuminate the subject. Some pictures are best shot using flash. Understand the utility and mechanism of flash covered in this section.
    7. Composition In Photography: Composition is the blend of all — colors, textures, lines, shapes, patterns, light….rules and concepts involved in photography. If the composition is right the results will be pleasing.

Ready to get started with photography?

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