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6 Secrets — The Lesser Known Facts In Photography

As a field of art, photography is about eternally learning and perfecting the art of photography. However there are certain things which are always discovered or are received as a lesser-known-fact. In the past we’ve seen a lot of these things covered by me here at APN as I discovered them. Here they are for your benefit:

  1. Secrets Of HDR: High Dynamic Range makes the photographs look surreal by simulating the dynamic range of a real-world scene. A little bit of understanding of HDR goes into making the images look natural and more realistic than HDRs. But do you know how real an HDR actually is?
  2. Learn To Impress People With Your Photographs: Photography is not only about taking photographs but it is a lot more about making the photographs which draw viewer’s attention. To impress people with your art you need to re-think photography — re-think photography in terms of how interesting they will be for others.
  3. Explore The Truths And Myths Of Exposure: Understand the various aspects of exposure and its importance in the photography by exploring the truths and myths of exposure.
  4. Secrets Of Shooting In Magic Light: Shooting in the golden hour, makes the scene worthy of appreciation owing to the effect of magic lights. Magic lights tend to produce mesmerizing effects with its varied characteristics — angular light, diffused light, source of different hues and colors being some of them. Find out what this golden hour and magic light really is.
  5. Truths About Camera Resolution: The resolution of the camera is measured in terms of megapixels offered by the camera (sensor). But how can you really tell if your camera actually makes the best use of the sensor resolution?
  6. Secrets Behind Better Image Quality: At the end of the day what matters the most for a photographer is getting the best image-quality. Find out what gives you the best picture quality.

I must admit, as sensational as the title is, some of these may not be a secret to you at all. However I’m sure you do find that not everyone knows these. Found something new here?

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  • tanvi nariyal Apr 8, 2012 @ 15:17

    awesome!! thanx for giving such good tips on photography i hope it will efinitely help me in my career

  • Hhamayoon May 2, 2012 @ 14:21

    Very brief but great secrets lesser known as a second habit of majority of professionals,,, Thanks for the post..

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