7 Creative Ways To Photograph Water Droplets And Splash Scenes

Experimenting with new ideas opens up ways for getting creative at what you do. Similarly breaking the bounds and photographing new themes, subjects or say visiting new locations marks the beginning of photographic explorations and excursions. You can get started at home — pick up your favorite book from the book shelf and feature it [...]

Creative photography opens up the world of opportunities to create awesome, stunning, creative photographs. Checkout Part I of this article “12 Tips To Get Creative For Creative Photography” and “25 Cool Examples Of Creative Photography“. Here is Part II of the series covering the list of techniques which make creative photography possible. So, let’s take [...]

Photography itself is a very creative hobby (or profession for that matter). Thus when referring to “creative photography” I actually refer to the extra creativity required above and beyond the creativity for photography. This means tricks and out-of-the-box ideas to capture “photographic fiction” — something that really doesn’t (perhaps) happen or is seen naturally. Here’s [...]