Working Spaces — SRGB Vs Adobe RGB Vs ProPhoto RGB

Getting the color management basics right is a prerequisite for high quality prints. We have already covered articles on color management basics and introduction to color spaces. One of points of contention is about which color-space to use for photographs. The essence lies in first understanding the frequently used color-spaces. sRGB sRGB is the standardized [...]

In the realm of photography, photographers keep debating about the superiority of full frame and crop sensor cameras. While some DSLR users would state “Bigger the better” and recommend going for full frame sensor camera, others would prefer the crop sensor camera for its penetration in the market, availability, low price, lightweight and small size. [...]

Pixel Density & How Does It Matter

As full frame digital cameras become the norm, the digital camera landscape is changing. More and more photographers intend to move to full-frame or plan to in the near future. One aspect of the full-frame sensors in the loss of pixel density. Let’s see what pixel density is, how does it matter and it’s effects [...]

11 Unintented Secrets Of Professional Photographers

As budding photographers and hobbyists, we are looking for the secrets of the professionals. In photography there are no secrets; perhaps they are obvious facts that have been overlooked or too obvious to be noticed. There are some things which only experience can teach you. Nevertheless, here’s a collection of 11 such things which remain [...]

Color Management And Color Accuracy — The Basics

Color management is the technique of achieving consistent colors across various imaging-devices. So, whether you are editing the photograph in Photoshop or viewing the same photograph on your cellphone or printing it out on paper — it should look the same on all media. However in reality there’s quite a difference when you view the [...]