8 Thumb Rules That Save You In The Most Tricky Situations

Here are some lesser known rules which come in handy when taking tricky shots. Most of these were found in the days of the film. But they are as relevant now as they were then. Sunny 16: On a bright sunny day, you can get a correct exposure value by setting the aperture to F/16 [...]

8 Things To Consider When Choosing A Career In Photography

My husband holds a degree in visual communications, and although he’s a skilled photographer, that’s not how he earns a living. Instead, he chose to follow in his father’s footsteps and joined the family law firm soon after he graduated. Of his classmates, one is a well established and renowned fashion photographer today, who is [...]

6 Cool Suggestions For Photography Hobbyists

Here are five quick tips for those of you starting out with photography. Hold your camera right Holding the camera right means many things. It aids you in the composition and a firm foot helps you keep the motion artifacts down. Use your left hand as a base to hold and support the camera while [...]

7 Things You Can Do Today To Fall In Love With Photography

The thumb rule is – you fall in love with things that you can do right. If you can get some astounding pictures you’ll fall in love with your own art. But just in case you haven’t made it there yet here’s a list of things you can do today and see yourself shooting like [...]

Should You Digitally Manipulate Your Photographs?

This is a highly debatable question. The purists swear by originality and look down upon manipulated work. But in the digital age when most of the photographs don’t even take form on paper and just are passed from screen to screen, sure quite a lot has changed. It’s easy to use Photoshop to cover up [...]

How many megapixels does your camera have? Mine has about 10 megapixels. But how much of it do you really need for a print? Here’s a small reference table to outline the pixels required to print some common sizes. This assumes that you print them at 200 dpi (dots per inch). Print Size (in.) Diamension [...]

What Every Photographer Ought To Know About Exposure Compensation

Today’s cameras are the the know-it-all kind of equipment — they have everything built-in to help you get the correct exposure. But as they say they are machines. Cameras don’t make photographs you do. Cameras only aid you in getting it right. And for that matter the definition of right and wrong is very flexible [...]

HDR With Any Camera — Take Control Of The Dynamic Range Like A Pro

HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography is the in-thing. If you are new to the subject do read more about what HDR photography is. So while HDR seems like a lot of fun and beauty, it looks surreal but fake. There are photographers going crazy trying to shoot HDR, bracketing trying to dodge the science behind [...]

White Balance — Unlocking The Secret To Great Color

White Balance is one of the most neglected controls on a digital camera. You can tweak settings like contrast and sharpness etc. but most of us still choose to set the white-balance to auto. While white-balance is used to correct the color temperature of the  pictures, it is a very powerful tool to manipulate your [...]

Demystifying HDR — High Dynamic Range Myths And Truths

High Dynamic Range photography is a very interesting aspect of photography. HDR photos being out the never-see-before details in the photograph making it life-like. This post is dedicated to the subject and is an effort to shed light on some of the lesser known truths about HDR photography. What is dynamic range? Dynamic Range of [...]

Portraying Weather And Various Levels Of Light

The topic needs some explanation before we proceed to the finer details. It is one thing to shoot a subject in various levels of light however when light itself is the subject, the entire gamut of generic rules take a paradigm shift. Long time back in the earlier days of my fascination with photography, I [...]