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What Should I Photograph?

Time and again this issue will haunt you. You have a camera but you are looking for some interesting subjects. Or perhaps you’ve run out of ideas. You shoot left, right and center but don’t want to do better. How do you make beautiful photographs? Put another way, what should you aim for when you… Read more

Aperture Effects — 8 Effects Every Photographer Must Know

The camera aperture is one element in the camera which perhaps has the most effects on your picture. Here’s a collection of some of these effects caused by the lens aperture. So the next time you use a wide or a small aperture, know that you are not changing the exposure. Depth Of Field And… Read more

Bokeh Vs DOF — The Difference Between The Two

Bokeh and depth of field, both the techniques help the photographers in creating beautiful photographs. In the approach of photographing at lower f-numbers, the distinction between depth of field and bokeh vanishes and the hobbyists and enthusiasts often end up using the terms bokeh and DOF interchangeably. To photograph the aesthetics of the subject and… Read more

Colors In Photography — How To Get Great Colors In-Camera

Colors are prime elements of color photographys. The photographs speak the language of colors. Just like a black and white photograph recites the timelessness, the various hues in the color photographs help in making the photographs interesting, lively, create mood and add drama to the scene. Getting great yet accurate colors is one thing which… Read more

How Do I Control The Exposure

There just can’t be enough confusion about exposure. Every time I thought I understood one thing about it, I discovered another puzzle. But this post is not about what exposure is. It’s about how to control the exposure. If you want you can go ahead and read the article on what exposure is. Now as… Read more

Here’s Why Your Camera Doesn’t Matter

What makes a good photograph? Is it the photographer or his camera? It is almost like asking as to what makes a good painting or a good book. We all understand that an outstanding painting is the masterpiece of painter’s imagination and not his brushes. Similarly, a bestseller book is a result of writers own… Read more

6 Secrets — The Lesser Known Facts In Photography

As a field of art, photography is about eternally learning and perfecting the art of photography. However there are certain things which are always discovered or are received as a lesser-known-fact. In the past we’ve seen a lot of these things covered by me here at APN as I discovered them. Here they are for… Read more

How To Use ISO To Shoot In Low-light And Get A Grainy Effect

I SO represents the sensitivity of the image sensor of camera to light. In film cameras this is the sensitivity of the film. However since digital cameras do not use films, they simulate this effect by boosting the light amplification with digital circuits. Higher ISOs means greater film (or sensor) sensitivity and thus the lower… Read more

How To Use Shutter-Speed To Induce Beautiful Motion Effects

T he shutter speed is the amount of time for which the camera stays open. It determines the duration for which the shutter curtains remain open to expose the film or camera sensor (in case of a digital camera) to the image. A high shutter-speed allows a very low amount of light to come in… Read more

Exposure Revisited — 10 Myths And Truths

Exposure is an often misused and allusive word in the world of photography. The effect of shutter-speed, aperture and ISO only adds to the complexity and confusion. In the age of the film getting the optimal exposure was trickier than in the age of digital. Now you can take the shot, look at the result… Read more

Figure Out The Light Levels With The Exposure Value Chart

Photography is all about capturing light, colors and moods. Photographs act as an imprint for all the beautiful moments or striking views perceived by human eye in its lifetime. This art of capturing moments and beauty, requires mastering at understanding exposures. Exposure is a very basic and essential element in photography which helps in creating… Read more