RAW Vs TIFF — Which Image File Format Should I Use?

For almost all of us be it photographers or the audience, the final result is what matters the most. Capturing a perfect shot every single time is not so easy and thus the flexibility to add finishes to the image in post- processing phase becomes crucial for getting the professional results. Accordingly, the file format [...]

A photograph is the photographer’s creation. It is a perfect blend of the photographer’s vision, art and creativity. It is the photographer, his technique and his knowledge which makes all the difference. Just picking up an expensive camera in hand and shooting left, right and centre does no good in getting great images. In fact, [...]

Stereo Photography — 3 Dimensional Realism In Photography

Stereo photography (or stereoscopy) or 3D photography as it is generally referred to as is a lot of fun. It unravels the thrill of visualizing the three dimensional model of the scene captured on 2D photographic frame. Stereoscopy simply refers to a technique for creating or enhancing the illusion of depth in an image. Photography [...]

Color management is the essence of reproducing accurate color information. As much as it is required for attaining color consistency across devices more it gets complicated with each person preferring specific color profile and working space for color managed workflow. While we have taken this topic earlier as well for introducing color management, color spaces [...]