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January 2012

A photograph is the photographer’s creation. It is a perfect blend of the photographer’s vision, art and creativity. It is the photographer, his technique and his knowledge which makes all the difference. Just picking up an expensive camera in hand and shooting left, right and centre does no good in getting great images. In fact… Read more

What keeps you inspiring as a photographer? As much as it is fun, it is also a challenging activity to always take exceptional photographs — the photographs with fresh perspective, creative outlook and artistic expression. Being a photographer, taking up those challenges as a part of your routine really pays well. Here are 7 photography projects you… Read more

20 Mind Blowing Examples Of Smoke Art Photography

Just like splash photography, Smoke photography is also a lot of fun and challenging activity. The unusual shapes and unique compositions in the final result make it far more interesting and creativity fueling exercise. And the best part of smoke photography exercise is that you get to experience how to work in a small studio-like… Read more

9 Awesome Tips By The Masters Of Wedding Photography

Wedding is a grand event for the couple — the once-in-lifetime occasion. Pre-planning, artistic expression, a great sense of fashion and style, contemporary look and no scope for trial & error; all these things set wedding photography apart as full-time professional photography. And reading through the real-life experiences of the professional wedding photographers reveal a… Read more

Specialty Shooting — How To Capture Star Trails

Author’s Intro: This is a guest post by Mila Johnson. Mila is an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys taking pictures of nature through multiple camera lenses. She is continually learning about photography and is excited to share what she’s already learned with photography enthusiasts and hobbyists. Capturing star trails can be a challenging experience for even… Read more

Nikon D4 — A Comparison Of What’s Changed From Nikon D3

After a long wait, Nikon D4 was finally released (on 6 January 2012) to charm the professional photographers with its higher resolution, updated AF system and better low-light performance. As remarked by Ken Rockwell, “The Nikon D4 is for full-time professional news, sports and action photographers”, this replacement or the upgrade of Nikon D3 is… Read more

Best Of APN 2011 — Top 15 Articles You Must Read

2011 was a great year for APN. Apart from covering the basics and fundamentals of photography, we tried to push our bounds to provide valuable and practical tips and ideas. Thanks for being a part of APN family. With the promise to bring in fresh ideas and creative tips in 2012, here’s the glimpse of… Read more

Picking up from the piles of the books on the shelves about photography is quite of a task. Each book stands out distinctly with specific tips, tricks and blend of experiments and experiences of the photographers over the time. Some books make a lasting impresssion on the readers while others engulf the readers into seriously… Read more