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September 2011

10 Photography Tips To Move Beyond The Click And Pray Approach

What makes the professionals always come up with the impressive shots every single time? The striking colors, strong structure, unique and creative composition, narration, simplicity, expression or their attitude and confidence. Well it is the matter of perfectly balancing all the things. The professionals know well in advance what they want and how they can… Read more

Macro photography is filled with unique and unusual surprises. Whatever the subject be, the art of photographing macros unveils the fine details, instinctive textures, rhythmic patterns and the unknown secrets of nature. The unusuality and uniqueness of the macro photography raptures, spell bounds and draw the viewers attention into the world of secretive beauty. As… Read more

In the previous post you witnessed the power of 3D imaging, viz. learned to shoot and view the stereo photographs. Here are 11 exciting examples exclusively for you to train your eyes on depth perception. Get set and go for the drill to experience the illusion of depth and make your eyes happy and healthy… Read more

Stereo Photography — 3 Dimensional Realism In Photography

Stereo photography (or stereoscopy) or 3D photography as it is generally referred to as is a lot of fun. It unravels the thrill of visualizing the three dimensional model of the scene captured on 2D photographic frame. Stereoscopy simply refers to a technique for creating or enhancing the illusion of depth in an image. Photography… Read more

The zoom cameras are very popular and most sought out by people starting out with photography Be it Sony, Canon, Nikon, Panasonic or Fujifilm — each one of these is serving the consumers with updated line-ups in terms of extended zooming capabilities in their compact cameras. Sometimes referred to as bridge cameras, these cameras bridge… Read more

Four Simple Tips For Amazing Pet Pictures

Author’s Intro: This is a guest post from Roxy. Roxy is a writer who loves to share ideas on photography, art and printing. Whether it is for personal or business needs, she can provide useful tips especially on creating postcard printing. Photography is one of the most exciting and fun-filled activities or hobbies that anyone… Read more

5 Cool Features Of Lightroom 3

There is no doubt about the fact that Lightroom is the preferable option for professional photographs. It has already out-shined other photo-management and editing tools on the fronts of ease of cataloging, organizing and managing the photographs — the primary requirement of the professional photographers. With Lightroom 3 Adobe has introduced some cool features which… Read more

Hawaii is one of the most popular holidaying destination among the nature lovers. Hawaii’s natural and diverse scenery, beautiful beaches, breathtaking oceanic life, active volcanoes, awesome sunsets and dramatic clouds make it one of the perfect destinations for photographers as well. The surreal natural beauty of Hawaiian islands cannot be described in words. Check it… Read more

9 Things You Must Consider When Buying A Camera Lens

Being a digital photography aspirant, you are like most of us — always looking in for the best equipment and accessories to fit in your photography arsenal. Investing in multiple lenses especially is one of the common quest which gives birth to queries related to buying the camera lens which best suits your needs. Here… Read more

10 Quick Tips To Get Started With Underwater Photography

The marine life underneath the waters is full of surprises. Wonderful colors, unusual shapes and challenging conditions make it all the more interesting to try underwater photography. Underwater photography in its true essence offers the possibility of many exciting and rare photographic opportunities. Apart from photographing the flora and fauna underneath waters, photographers also pursue… Read more

Featured Camera — Exploring The Features Of Nikon D5100

While the market of rumors is setting stage for the upcoming Nikon release most probably in form of D4 and D800, here we are looking at the features of the newest member in Nikon DSLR lineup — Nikon D5100. The Nikon D5100 is a 16.2 megapixel DX format DSLR F-mount camera announced by Nikon on… Read more