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August 2011

15 Stunning Examples Of Underwater Photography

Underwater photography gives you an opportunity to explore unseen vivid colors of nature. The fragile natural life in the waters is bountiful with hidden secrets and surprises. It is not only the vibrant colors but also the uniqueness of living creatures which makes the underwater shots interesting. Here are 15 stunning underwater photographs which exhibit… Read more

15 Power Composition Tips Using Design Principles — Part I

In Part-I of the series photography principles from design, we discussed 8 photographic design principles to create professionally composed photographs. Before proceeding with this one, check out Photography Principles From Design-I to see how rhythm, harmony, symmetry, balance, proportion, emphasis, contrast and unity contribute in making great photographs. In this series, we review the remaining… Read more

15 Power Composition Tips Using Design Principles — Part II

Photography design principles are simply some widely accepted guidelines for composing a photograph that add to its impact and make it all the more pleasing and interesting to the human eye. By employing these principles and using your creative imagination, you can make some highly professional compositions. The photographic design principles are equally important for… Read more

When it comes to post-processing the images, often a debate arises in the photographic world— which software is best suited for the job— Photoshop or Lightroom. While opinions may vary, the answer mostly depends on your shooting preferences— the format you are shooting in (JPEG or RAW), the number of photographs you need to view… Read more

Working Spaces — SRGB Vs Adobe RGB Vs ProPhoto RGB

Getting the color management basics right is a prerequisite for high quality prints. We have already covered articles on color management basics and introduction to color spaces. One of points of contention is about which color-space to use for photographs. The essence lies in first understanding the frequently used color-spaces. sRGB sRGB is the standardized… Read more

Black and white photographs have been with us since the advent of photography. Even after the invention of color films, the beauty of black and white photographs remains unmatched. The elegance and class that black & white photographs portray, have forever been captivating. They bring out the hidden details and textures that their colored counterpart… Read more

8 Tips On How To Take Commercial Photographs Of Jewelry

With numerous jewelery manufacturers, retailers and designers emerging daily, jewelery photographs have become an important medium to showcase their valued possessions to the customers. With this, the scopes of jewelery photography has increased immensely. But the small and reflective property of jewels make photographing them a sophisticated task. In addition, since jewelery is a luxury… Read more

Photography, like every other creative art needs inspiration to improve. Be it a professional or an amateur photographer, human beings are prone to running dry of new ideas. Instead of getting frustrated and trying hard to come up with something innovative, take some time to indulge in activities that will provide inspiration to you for… Read more

A Sparkling Collection Of Jewelry Pictures — 15 Picks

For ages, man’s fascination with jewelry has remained unfaded. Whatever be the trend or occasion, jewelry is never out of fashion. The sparkle of gemstones carved in exquisite patterns have forever tempted human eyes. Here are 15 examples of spellbinding jewelry photographs. DIY Softbox Trial Brooch 19 C Blue Bling If I Ruled The World… Read more

Photography Basics — How To Hold Your Camera Like A Pro

I‘m pleased to start a this series “31 days to becoming a pro”. I recall the time when I just picked up my first camera and started on a long journey of experimenting and learning and discovering my own style of photography. Here’s the first article in the series. With this series I try to… Read more

Photo Printing IV — Getting Lab Quality Prints At Home

In our previous article 7 Steps To Preparing Your Photographs For Professional Lab Printing of this series, we went through the steps required for commercial printing. In this article we will focus on printing lab quality photographs at home. While relying on the printing labs and ordering the prints online is a viable option for… Read more