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April 2011

In the series “Photography Portfolio”, today we present a compilation of beautiful and free Wordpress themes (templates) for building photography website. Wordpress itself being an efficient tool for building the websites, offer themes to simplify the process of building websites and online portfolios. Wordpress requires minimal effort on the part of an individual to design… Read more

10 Awesome Photographer Portfolio Websites

Building an online portfolio is crucial for photographers. Along with providing the opportunity to showcase the work, the photographers get acclaimed by large audience which adds to their commercial value as professional photographer. In the first part of the series (Photography Portfolio), we had a chance to discuss the do’s and don’ts of building online… Read more

Photography as a business or profession requires the photographer to engage in showcasing their work to potential clients. Choosing to create photo-streams on Flickr, 1x.com, deviantArt, etc has always been an option for digital photographers to share their photographs with target audience. On the same lines, building your own photography portfolio website serves as an… Read more

45 Enthralling Examples Of Street Photography

Busy people walking down the streets, the city life, rushing vehicles and a lot more exciting activities happen on the streets. Street photography thus offers an opportunity to capture interesting and unique happenings — the happenings overlooked by the passersby. Here are 45 interesting street photographs as an inspiration for your next photo-shoot. Just pick… Read more

Simplicity is the strategy followed by the artists to introduce minimalism in their work. And this minimalist approach helps in retaining the aesthetics of the subject and fun on the part of the photographer. Simplicity is one of the main components of good photographs and is the technique used for enhancing the visual appeal. Simplicity… Read more

Featured Photographer — An Interview With Scott MacQuarrie

Scott MacQuarrie is an award-wining photojournalist and shoots events, editorial stuff, stock photos and commercial work for clients worldwide. He has been awarded CPP (Certified Professional Photographer) from the PPA. We got a chance to interview Scott over the weekend. In this interview, Scott speaks about his career as a photographer and shares his thoughts… Read more

30 Exquisite Waterfall Pictures

Nature photography is a medium for photographers to unveil the scenic beauty of nature in its diverse forms. Wildlife shots, awesome landscape photographs, beautiful flower photography or detailed macro shots, all exhibit fantastic colors, attractive aspects of scene (and subject) and uniqueness of existence of life. Adding to the list, waterfall photography offers an opportunity… Read more

How To Creatively Use Negative Space In Photography

One of the photography composition techniques for drawing the viewer’s attention is perhaps simplicity. Instead of including the entire scene with conflicting subjects, try minimalism, the art of framing the subject that stands out distinct in its own space. This is where negative space comes into the picture. Negative space is the free / empty… Read more

Camera Mechanics — How Does The Camera Work?

Look through the camera lens, fine tune the camera settings and click the shutter-release to imprint the reality on the photographic frame. But what happens behind the scene. How does the camera actually record the data in the form of images? The camera is a compact piece of technology made up of various components —… Read more

One of the key skills of a professional portrait photographer is the perception of light and its nature in diverse forms. Be it the natural light or the studio set-up, the portrait photographer can aesthetically portray expressions, mood, emotions and intense depth onto the photographic frame. When we talk of portrait photography, one element that… Read more

How To Use A Circular Polarizer Filter

When photographing landscapes, the primary aim of the photographer is to render the beautiful colors of nature. The natural colors enhance the overall look and feel of the captured scene, making the photographs unfold the secrets of natural scenery. The landscapes offer a wide variety of colors and natural source of lighting, the sun, which… Read more