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February 2011

Here are 15 brilliant examples of shooting against the sun. While shooting in sun gives you ample of opportunities to trick the light and make the most of available light, getting the best shots from this endeavor is a challenging task. Shooting against the sun tends to overexpose the subject or the scene and results… Read more

Light is an essential element of photography. The art of photography itself rests on the understanding and making the most of the available light. The lights affect the way the camera interprets and portrays the subject or the scene. Before using the lights for capturing the required effects and details, one should have a sound… Read more

Photographing people is one of the most common forms of photography. While photographing family and friends is nothing out of the usual, the legal issues rise when photographing the general masses and people on the street. I came across and read about the requirement of model release forms when photographing people early in my profession… Read more

All About Zone System & How To Use The Zone System

Back in the time of film, there was no digital to immediately see the results of the photograph. Yet the professionals were really good at bringing out all the tonal range in the scene, perfectly. How did they make it possible? The answer is a little known technique — The Zone System. Invented by Ansel… Read more

35 Captivating Examples Of Silhouette Photography

Silhouette photography is one of the styles of making creative pictures. It paves way for creative use of the light; by efficiently reversing the theory of exposure. A silhouette is a view of an object or scene consisting of the outline and a featureless interior, with the silhouetted object usually being black. The silhouetted effect… Read more

What Should I Photograph?

Time and again this issue will haunt you. You have a camera but you are looking for some interesting subjects. Or perhaps you’ve run out of ideas. You shoot left, right and center but don’t want to do better. How do you make beautiful photographs? Put another way, what should you aim for when you… Read more

Aperture Effects — 8 Effects Every Photographer Must Know

The camera aperture is one element in the camera which perhaps has the most effects on your picture. Here’s a collection of some of these effects caused by the lens aperture. So the next time you use a wide or a small aperture, know that you are not changing the exposure. Depth Of Field And… Read more

Bokeh Vs DOF — The Difference Between The Two

Bokeh and depth of field, both the techniques help the photographers in creating beautiful photographs. In the approach of photographing at lower f-numbers, the distinction between depth of field and bokeh vanishes and the hobbyists and enthusiasts often end up using the terms bokeh and DOF interchangeably. To photograph the aesthetics of the subject and… Read more

Creative photography opens up the world of opportunities to create awesome, stunning, creative photographs. Checkout Part I of this article “12 Tips To Get Creative For Creative Photography” and “25 Cool Examples Of Creative Photography“. Here is Part II of the series covering the list of techniques which make creative photography possible. So, let’s take… Read more

Multiple exposure is the ability of getting multiple exposures (more than one picture) on the single frame. This translates to photographing the same subject at varying exposures and thereafter merging the exposures to result in the creative piece of art. In a film camera this requires that instead of exposing a frame and then using… Read more

Photography itself is a very creative hobby (or profession for that matter). Thus when referring to “creative photography” I actually refer to the extra creativity required above and beyond the creativity for photography. This means tricks and out-of-the-box ideas to capture “photographic fiction” — something that really doesn’t (perhaps) happen or is seen naturally. Here’s… Read more