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December 2008

Shooting in your studio is fun since you are in complete control of the equipment. We looked at the basic and essential equipment for a make-shift studio setup in Part I of this post: Studio Photography Essentials — Tools And Equipment so just in case if you haven’t checked it out we’ll wait. Light –… Read more

Studio Photography Essentials I — Tools And Equipment

Shooting indoors can be very challenging due to the limitations of indoor lighting. But indoor photography is one kind which allows you to explore your creativity to the maximum given that mostly the light sources are artificial and you can exercise complete control over them. While photography is all about light, indoor photography is also… Read more

Nature Photography — How To Shoot Beautiful Landscape Pictures

I have spent my childhood in the great Himalayas. Even since from childhood days I use to look at the mountains, rivers, vast forests, which we typically say landscapes; I always tried to see them in frames. I think that’s where the photography bug had bloomed. So, when I grew up and got hold of… Read more

Breaking The Rules Of Photography — Before You Break The Rules

I was having a casual conversation with a renowned photographer. And he proudly said that it was all about breaking the rules – he never follows any rules. He said he does that because if he followed the rules he would never have grown beyond those rules. Though breaking the rules is creative, lately I’m… Read more

All You Need To Know And Use Filters

Filters are glass fittings that are used in combination with the camera lens to alter the image being captured. Filters come in various sizes which decide their compatibility. Depending on the type of camera you have your camera may or may not accept filters – all SLRs and some prosumers do. Depending on the type… Read more

Sunset Photography — How To Shoot Memorable Sunsets

Sunset… One word can make a lot of memories alive in a second. No matter how many sunsets I see, I still get fascinated with the view of a sunset. Who doesn’t? The reason why sunset has been one of the most interesting subject for photography is because Every sunset is unique with the unique… Read more

RAW Vs JPEG — Which Format To Shoot In

A wise choice of image format before taking your shots will decide the flexibility and the control you will have over the final result. Let’s put a few things in perspective first. JPEG or JPG is an image format devised by the Joint Photographic Experts Group. Pronounced “J-peg”, it is a compressed and lossy format… Read more

The Secrets Of Shooting During The Golden Magic Hours

Lighting effects can bring out some of the most unique, interesting and dramatic compositions. We have already discussed the various features of light in a previous article and it is essential that you understand light before you proceed with this article. So if you haven’t read that article I’ll wait… Natural lighting can be the… Read more

There are so many compositions, and then so many styles of composition. How do you like your photographs in print, framed or unframed? It is interesting to see that a simple photograph when framed within a white margin on all sides generally appears more elegant and pleasing than its original. A frame helps draws the… Read more