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November 2008

How To Make A Mark With Your Photographs

I‘ve been asked this question many times. What differentiates a masterpiece from the rest? There are underexposed and overexposed photographs which are showcased while some of the technically perfect ones left out. I’d better try to answer this through a post. Photography is an art. And just like any form of art photography is medium… Read more

Camera Lens Cleaning — How To Clean The Lens Of Your Camera

Remember your first reaction when you saw that finger print impression on the lens of your camera? I do. Without delay I put on my thinking hat and wiped it with a soft cotton cloth. Looked great until I noticed the fine fiber left over from the cotton cloth. I then blew air from my… Read more

Lens Maintenance — Protect Your Priced Possession

Have you ever been worried about the maintenance of the lens you have been using? Its obvious for two reasons. One, you have invested so much of money in buying a good quality lens, you can’t afford to treat it badly – you shouldn’t. Second, good lens becomes one of the major factors behind good… Read more

6 Tips On How To Excel In Macro Photography

Macro photography can be real fun. Macro photography brings out the fineness and detail which is not usually seen by the human eye. The subject being larger than life definitely adds to the fun. Here are a few tips on how you can do better at macro photography. Camera Settings [Macro Mode] The camera’s macro… Read more

Let’s Learn About The Metering Modes Of Our Camera

Ever wondered how your camera makes sure you get the right exposure when you are not using manual settings? The camera has a way of metering the scene for the optimum exposure. Let me correct myself. The camera has several ways of metering the scene for the optimum exposure. On a DSLR you can choose… Read more

Travel Photography — Are You Really Making The Most Out Of It?

Taking pictures while you travel can be a memorable experience. As time goes by, the memories of the trip fade but the pictures keep few memories alive forever. You can make these memorable moments better if you prepare well in advance for one important part of your trip: that is photography. So, what do you… Read more

Histograms II — How To Use The Histograms

What better way than to analyze some of the pictures and their histograms? Just for this experiment I took various shots (and some from my old trips) to demonstrate the corresponding histograms. By the way, this is second part of the series on histogram. Check out Part I for some basic understanding of what a… Read more

LCD Vs Histogram — Who’s The Winner?

Every time I took a shot, I paused briefly to look at the rear LCD monitor of my DSLR before taking the next shot. Sometimes I deleted shots which seemed to be perfect. My wife got inquisitive and asked back. I was actually looking at one of the technological marvels which have changed the way… Read more

Get Versatile With Various Types And Flavors Of Photography

Did I say flavors? It is interesting how many kinds or classification of photographs can be. Depending on your experience and  the particular genre that interests you, you can come up with new categories. Here are some of the popular ones. Once you know the major types you can try your hand at some and… Read more

Which Camera Do You Own?

Tell us about your camera and how you use it. What’s the one thing you like the most about your camera? Are you using a cameraphone? They are great for shooting when you come across an unexpected spectacular moment. Some of the excellent moments have been captured on cameraphones. Or are you using a DSLR… Read more

5 Critical Features Of Lighting — Know These To Become A Pro

Photography is all about light. Photography means capturing light. Lighting is one of the most important aspects of the art and a good understanding of light and it’s nature is essential for getting the pictures that you want. Let’s start with understanding the features of light in this post. Once you know about the features… Read more