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Lens Maintenance — Protect Your Priced Possession

Have you ever been worried about the maintenance of the lens you have been using? Its obvious for two reasons. One, you have invested so much of money in buying a good quality lens, you can’t afford to treat it badly – you shouldn’t. Second, good lens becomes one of the major factors behind good quality photographs. Lets have a look at some tips on how to take care of your Lens and how to do regular maintenance. Before any tips, follow this rule of the thumb, few years back when I was still learning the basics, a professional photographer told me Whenever you use a camera the first thing you do is hang it around your neck with a good quality strap. It will avoid the camera and the lens from crashing or hitting any object unless you fall flat on your face.

A lens accumulates dust and grit all the time. If you visit the sea coast you’d notice the moisture settling down on the lens. Good maintenance can avoid (or postpone) the need of cleaning the lens. Let’s see what precautions we can take for its maintenance.

Put On A Lens Hood

A lens hood or lens shade should be attached to a lens in order to block the bright sunlight or other light source to reduce the impact of glare on the lens when you take pictures. Apart from this, a hood also protects your lens if by chance you scratch the lens to any wall, or anything else while you are carrying it in your hand.

UV/ Light Filter On The Lens

It’s recommended to use a UV filter (one of the essential filters in your kit bag) or any plain sunlight filter on the lens. UV filter blocks the UV rays getting into your camera and changing the colors of your photograph. Also, protects the outer glass of your lens from scratches. You will have to clean the filter only not the lens. But one thing to keep in mind, if you have invested good amount of money in the lens, make sure you buy a good quality filter. And don’t worry, extra glass doesn’t spoil your pictures but can improve their colors.

Cleaning Of The Lens

It’s very important to learn how you can clean the lens of your DSLR yourself and understand the Do’s and Don’ts of it. Cleaning the lens is a very tricky exercise and requires expertise and precaution. We’ve covered this in detail in how to clean the camera lens.

Tell us your side of the story. What did you do when you saw the first finger impression on your lens?

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  • Cryton Feb 15, 2011 @ 23:04

    Interesting post and useful for the amateur. A shame it wasn’t proof read a little more carefully.

  • Shivanand Sharma Feb 15, 2011 @ 23:12

    Thanks Cryton. (BTW English is not my first language so pls bear with me.)

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