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October 2008

Current Nikon SLR Cameras In Production — With Commentry

Looking to buy a DSLR? Here’s some catching-up with the current major Nikon SLRs in production. Ranging from entry level digital SLRs for beginners to high end pro series, Nikon has some major equipment options for each one of us. Check them out here. Nikon D40 6.1 megapixels. This is the camera every user upgrading… Read more

Exposure Basics — A Quick Warmup For Good Images

Exposure in the context of photography is the amount of light which the photographic film (or the sensor in a digital camera) is exposed to . If that sounds simple then read on. Exposure is one of the central concepts of photography. The art of photography rests on the perfection in exposure; that is capturing… Read more

The “Golden Ratio” is naturally and aesthetically pleasing proportion which is popular in design and architecture amongst other fields.  The golden ratio works wonders in drawing the human eye into the composition. It is the ratio of placement of various elements in the photograph. The golden ratio is a mathematical constant with its value equivalent… Read more

Digital Camera Modes — What Do They Mean?

Cameras come with various shooting modes which have application in specific conditions. Lets have a look at the common shooting modes on a digital camera and what they mean. The point here is to allow you to study the settings the camera chooses in a particular situation and give you some experience when the need… Read more

How To Make Your Compositions Lively

You might have spent great time hunting for the natural scenery. Or would have waited long hours for the sunset and the right light. As a result, you were able to capture the impressive colors. But why does that photo still somehow feel lifeless? In spite of all your efforts, it still looks incomplete or… Read more

How Many Types Of Lenses Are There?

The independence to change lenses based on your needs gives a lot of freedom to a photographer. But what are these different types of lenses. Various lenses are suited for specific application. Lets have a look at some common names and what they do. Normal/ Standard Lenses These are lenses are provided by the camera… Read more

The Rule Of Thirds In Photographic Composition

The rule of thirds in photographic composition is one of the very basic rules taught to budding photographers and entry level aspirants in the stream. Be it photography school or your first session at design class, rule of thirds is the most prominent guideline for ordering the elements in well-balanced and naturally appealing manner. Just… Read more

What if someone told you that your 10 megapixel camera only has the effective resolution of 1 megapixels? Sounds like a scam – only that this is technical in nature. And at the end only those with a keen eye for details realize the difference. I’m over-simplifying but the topic warrants it. The resolution is… Read more

Photography — An Art Or The Technology?

Do you consider photography as an art or you are completely dependent on technology. This debate has been going on since ages. Some people just do not get satisfied with the high end cameras they have. They always try to get the upgraded version with the hope that the advanced camera will improve their photography… Read more

Panning — The Art Of Motion Photography!

Panning is an interesting art of photography. It has been there since ages but it still excites many photographers. It gives the right feel of motion to your pictures. Panning works best for sports and motion photography or when you want to depict a motion or movement in your subject while keeping it sharp and… Read more

An Introduction To Photographic Composition

There’s a lot that happens between eying the subject and getting the results. This is extremely complex to describe and understand. Luckily, the technological advancements have taken this burden off the photographer’s shoulder. However there’s quite a lot which still only the photographer can do, after all there’s a difference between the man and the… Read more