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How To Turn Your Outdoor Photography Passion Into A Profession


This is a guest post by Brian Williams. Brian is a marketing coordinator for Outdoor Photo Gear, a supplier of top quality photography accessories. In his spare time, Brian enjoys blogging and physical fitness, particularly golf and crossfit.

As a photographer, passion is a key ingredient for success. When you’re willing to work so hard that other interests fall on the back-burner, you’re pouring all your love into your craft. Like all areas of photography, outdoor photography requires hard work, dedication and a will to succeed. Unlike other areas, outdoor photography also includes a deep love for nature and the willingness to get dirty. Are you ready to succeed? Here’s a quick guide to help transform your passion for outdoor photography into a powerhouse profession.

How Do I Get Started?

Aside from deep-rooted love for photography, shooting great outdoor photographs involve a love for nature. To be successful in photography, the subject of your art should be something you feel strongly about. A passion for nature and the environment are necessary to start your career; the rest will follow.

Following Your Passion

The joy of getting paid for your passion is unparalleled, but certain benefits already place you ahead of the competition. As a photographer passionate about outdoor work, you’ve already spent more time shooting and spending time outdoors than most. This gives you knowledge and experiences others don’t have — knowledge that’s necessary for success.



The majority of photography careers require a degree in either design or photography. Many colleges and art schools provide these programs, including those specifically for nature or outdoor photography. In addition, try classes related to your favorite photos. If you love shooting animals, for example, taking a class will help you understand how they survive in their natural habitats, which will be advantageous when shooting. Classes on biology, zoology, animal behavior, botany, and geology are all helpful when working in the great outdoors.

Learning at Home

There are books, tutorials, blogs and online videos that can improve both your photographic and nature knowledge, but spending time outdoors and practicing are also necessary. If you love what you do, getting out and working should be an exciting challenge. Practice, practice, practice.

How Do I Get a Job?

Most photographers who specialize in outdoor photos work as freelancers, which provides a great income if you remain dedicated. The passion is already there; a strong work ethic will take you far.

Another option is sending photos to newspapers or magazines, where your work must be of the highest caliber to be accepted. With many highly-skilled photographers regularly sending in work, this can be a competitive field, but it’s worth trying. Getting your work published is a huge step in getting your work seen.

You can also start a personal blog or website, in addition to using photography websites like Pixoto and Flickr.

The Recipe for Success

Research shows that choosing a profession based on passion helps fuel success, but so do talent and hard work. A willingness to take constructive criticism, learn, and improve are highly valued in photography. It takes a lot of commitment and dedication to turn a passion into a successful profession, but with the will to succeed, anything is possible. Passion can be both fun and fruitful.


Getting the Perfect Shot

Unlike human models, you can’t position animals or a landscape scene. You work with what nature provides, and that might mean hours to get the perfect shot.

Being an outdoor photographer requires patience and the ability to adapt to your surroundings, whether that’s an amazon rainforest or your own backyard. The opportunities nature provides are unparalleled in a studio. This is what makes outdoor photography such a unique profession. Take advantage of what nature has to offer. Enjoy it, soak in it, and get that perfect shot.

About the author: This article is contributed by Brian Williams. Brian is a marketing coordinator for Outdoor Photo Gear, a supplier of top quality photography accessories. In his spare time, Brian enjoys blogging and physical fitness, particularly golf and crossfit.

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