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Creative Shutter Speed — 3 Crazy Ideas For Fantastic Photographs

Shutter speed is one of the most creative tool in photography. In one instance it allows you to freeze the moment and on the other extreme, it induces motion blur for dramatic effect and enhanced mood. But that’s not it! This creative control opens up a world of amazing opportunities like painting the scene with light, pantastic panning, frozen waters with misty effect and a lots more. Just turn on the shutter priority mode and be ready to shake, rattle and roll your camera. You are sure to get some pleasant surprises and nothing less than fantastic pictures with this powerful tool. Here 3 crazy ideas to unleash the power of your camera’s shutter speeds.

  1. Fantastic Panning

    Ready for some surprises! How about trying out panning. Panningis a fantastic technique which instills a strong sense of motion in photos through blur. Panning creates a picture in which the subject is in sharp focus while the background is intentionally blurred to impart a terrific sense of movement. To experiment with panning all you need is to go slow on shutter speed like 1/40 or 1/30, choose your subject (motorist or moving traffic) and get ready to chase the action. Set the focus on the subject and rotate the camera with it. The moment you reach the point where you have set the focus, shoot your picture but keep the camera fixed on the subject. This will ensure that the subject is in sharp focus while the background is blurred.


  2. Zoom Flares & Whirlpool Effect

    Have you tried your hands at this one — the zoom effect. It an amazing technique for drawing the viewers interest to the center of the frame. The zoom effect is charcterized by the sharp focus in the center with complimentary and vibrant burst of light streaks which pulls the viewer’s eye inwards. To achieve the zoom effect, rest the camera on the tripod, slow down the shutter speed and release the shutter and twist the zoom ring (or rotate the camera while holding the zoom barrel still), both at the same time. When you twist the zoom ring, it gives you a zoom flare effect [subject in sharp in focus with inward light / zoom flares] and when you rotate the camera instead it gives you the whirlpool effect [an abstract image composed of just the flares and light streaks].

    Light streaks drawing the attention to the center

  3. Light Painting

    Light painting is the art of painting the light emitted by the light source by either moving the camera or the source of light to create beautiful waves of light in the darkened room. It is the photographic technique in which exposures are made at night or in a darkened room by moving a hand-held light source (or by moving the camera) with the camera set at slow shutter speed (usually a second or more). The slow shutter speed enables you to capture the movement os light as the subject itself.

    Let light be the subject

Share your ideas for creatively using the shutter priority mode — one of the powerful controls of your camera!

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