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Best Of APN In 2008

2008 witnessed the launch of APN and some of the richest content published on this blog. We tried to cover some of the basics in-depth to form a solid foundation as we and our readers grow as photographers and a community as a whole. Here are some of the posts that made it to the top on the list of popular posts.

  • How To Make A Mark With Your Photographs

    The post essentially explains the theory and the idea behind the art of photography. Essential for those who want to grow professionally into this stream. Read the article here.

  • RAW vs JPEG

    An analytic comparison of shooting in these two common and popular image formats. The post simplifies some complicated theory to equip you better and help you choose between these two formats. Read the article here.

  • Tips For Shooting In The Golden Magic Hours

    “Golden hours” or “Magic Hours” is a term used to refer to some exceptionally beautiful natural light that is available almost everywhere but only lasts a few minutes of the day. The post tells you how to make the most of this light. Read the article here.

  • Sunset Photography

    Sunsets make beautiful photographs. That was the idea behind this post dedicated to photographing sunsets. While sunsets are a common subject and situation the post drew a lot of attention from readers willing to make the most of this readily available scenery. Read the article here.

  • Camera Lens Cleaning

    Maintenance of the equipment is as important as possessing one. A costly equipment won’t serve you for long if left uncared for. The camera-lens is one part of the camera that is the most sensitive and needs a lot of care. The post outlines some useful tips steps to keep your lens clean. Read the article here.

  • What Are Filters & How To Use Them

    The word “filter” is more or less a jargon to the hobbyist photographer. The post aims at simplifying it and describing what the various filters are and how they affect your results. Read the article here.

  • Natural Framing In Photographic Composition

    Composition is one of the fundamentals of photography. While there are many rules (or guidelines) for composition, framing is a less known and practiced technique. This may have been one reason why the post become popular. Read the article here.

  • How To Use The Histograms

    Histograms sound complicated, but once understood they are the best friend a photographer has. A casual look at the histogram will tell you lots about your photograph (in terms of highlights & shadows which define exposure), especially comes in handy when you can’t see the exact picture because of the small screen or due to the daylight on the camera LCD. Read the article here.

  • How To Protect Your Priced Possession — The Lens

    Bare basics of your lens. Effective care of your lens depends on you understanding and knowledge of your lens equipment. Read the article here.

  • Which Camera Do You Own

    Another one that made it to this list, the post invited a lot of attention as every photography enthusiast possesses good equipment. Read the article here.

While these were largely what made it to the top in 2008, what’s the one that topped your list?

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