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Best Of APN 2011 — Top 15 Articles You Must Read

2011 was a great year for APN. Apart from covering the basics and fundamentals of photography, we tried to push our bounds to provide valuable and practical tips and ideas. Thanks for being a part of APN family. With the promise to bring in fresh ideas and creative tips in 2012, here’s the glimpse of what happened at APN in the year 2011.

  1. Color Management MythBuster: Color management is the in thing for getting the accurate and consistent colors across multiple devices. It however doesn’t end with monitor callibration and the knowledge of color spaces. Various issues in implementing the color spaces act as the throttle for ending up with undesirable results. This article covers various issues, queries, facts and myths to help satiate your unanswered queries relating to color management.
  2. 10 Surefire Ideas To Help You Make Money With Photography: Even though photography is most commonly pursued as a hobby, it can be considered as one of the most promising and money making stream to choose as a career. Hence, this article covers 10 ways to make a good start at making money with photography. Check out the simple tips and get going with making easy money with photography (while creatively involving yourself in learning new things each day).

    Make easy money with photography

  3. 50 Tips For Making Beautiful Boudoir Photographs: Artistic expression and and photographer’s skills at creating tasteful, sensual and classy photographs of the subject makes boudoir photography a distinct field of art to master. Right from setting up the studio in the bedroom to selecting right apparel and capturing confident poses — all matter a lot in making a successful boudoir photo-shoot. Here are 50 quick tips to help you get great boudoir photographs.
  4. Gallery Of Amazingly Beautiful Abstract Photographs: Photographing kids, pets, sunset, etc is a huge list of themes one can follow up to take the photographs. What about photographing everything that you can see around yourself, but with a difference. This is what abstract photography encourages you to do! You don’t have to depend on the subject for good results. Just pick up the camera and photograph the shapes, textures, curves and leave it on the viewer’s imagination to appreciate the aesthetics of the subject.

    Photograph the abstract details

  5. 10 Photography Tips To Move Beyond The Click And Pray Approach: Hoping to get good results of the current photo-shoot? But professionals rarely do so. The professionals know well in advance what the results will be like. In other words, they are able to foresee the results even before releasing the shutter and are thus able to get what they want. Here are 10 photography tips to help you moving beyond the most common “click and pray” approach and get the results as anticipated.
  6. How To Shoot Professional Portraits: Portrait photography is perhaps the most common form of photographypracticed. Either taking wedding photographsor taking the photographs on the vacation or covering your son’s graduation ceremony; you’re engaging yourself in portrait photography. Here are 10 simple tips to help you get amazing results which your near and dear ones can cherish for a long time to come.

    Add element of interest in portrait photographs

  7. 15 Killer SEO Tips For Photographers: What is this SEO stuff and what is it doing here, on a photography site? Well, its not a scary bit of stuff. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of optimizing the websites for better ranking and relevancy in search results. So if you own a photography website or the blog, here are some useful tips to help your website rank better for photography tips, ideas and how tos.
  8. Control Photographic Lighting With Lighting Ratios & The Inverse Square Law: Lighting is the most important aspect in photography. The correct lighting setup can help you get astonishing results and a poor setup can totally ruin the shot. It is both, the characterstics of the light and the techniques of light which help you render form, mood and drama to the capture. Realising the importance of lighting in photography, here we cover the lighting ratios and the inverse square law to help you take better control of the photographic lighting; be it natural lighting or the studio set-up.
  9. 11 Unintented Secrets Of Professional Photographers: Experiments and experience teach you a lot of things in life which can later be trademarked as the secrets of the trade. And this is how photography secrets come up. Here’s such a collection of facts which are known by all but practised by few. Check these out and get ready to practise them to get professional results.
  10. 8 Effects Of Aperture Every Photographer Must Know: Controlling exposure and depth of field are the first things that come to mind when one speaks of aperture in photography. It is however used for creating beautiful bokehs, sunstars, etc. Check out the other aperture effectshere.

    Create sunstars by dialing to Aperture Priority mode

  11. 14 Key Habits Which Will Make You A Great Photographer: Photographers are creative and artisitc and above all they take up challenges to to make the difference in what they do. For instance taking up 365 day project and experimenting with new things every now and then help them get new and creative ideas which translates into great results. Here is a collection of the key habits which help you become a great photographer from day one.
  12. 10 Factors That Make A Photograph “Great”: What makes a photography good or bad? It ultimately is the photographer’s expression and the photography concepts at play contribute to the greatness of the photograph. Check out for yourself. This article reveals 10 factors that contribute in making great photographs.

    Photographer’s vision

  13. 15 Power Composition Tips Using Design Principles: Design principles are a set of guidelines, rules and conventional practices which guarantee good results if implemented thoughtfully while framing the photographs. Inclusion of lines, patterns, textures, portraiture of symmetry, balance, rhythm and interplay of contrast, variety and movement add an element of interest in the photographs.
  14. The Fundamentals Of Portrait Lighting: One key element that sets apart the portrait photographs is the proper light. Arranging and setting up the studio lights and utilizing the available light in this respect help the photographers strike the chord with the viewers, i.e. aesthetically portray expressions, mood, emotions and intense depth onto the photographic frame. This article thus acts as the primer for getting the fundamentals of portrait photorgaphy right.
  15. 10 Tips To Shoot Awesome Black And White Photographs: It takes a lot of experience and creative vision to visualize the beauty in mono-chromes. And it takes equally sound technique to capture and create them. Here are 10 tips to help you get started with making stunning black and white photographs, create mood, interest and ultimate masterpieces.

Feel free to add your favorite articles to this list. All the best!

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