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10 Must-Follow Photographers On Twitter

Pursuing photography as passion, profession or personal interest requires you to experiment and learn from the experience of others — from professionals and masters of photography. One simple way to learn from photographers is obviously through social media — Twitter; where you can follow your favorite photographers, know about their habits as a photographer and learn cool tips and secrets of photography through tweets. Here are 10 influential photographers to follow on Twitter for grooming the photographer in you.

  1. Jim Goldstein: Jim Goldstein is a professional photographer who specializes in nature photography in form of landscapes. Besides beautiful shots of landscapes, he covers event photography as well. Jim’s photography has been featured in publications worldwide including in the Washington Post, Sierra Club, Outdoor Photographer and many more.
  2. Bruce Percy: Highly influenced by the works of Ansel Adams, Bruse Percy took up photography as an art of getting closer to the land and the cultures that inhabit it. Having worked for American Express and National Geographic Traveler Magazine, Bruce is now inclined towards teaching photography through his own workshops in Scotland.
  3. Scott Bourne: Scott Bourne is a publisher of an online photography blog — Photofocus. Scott is widely acclaimed as wildlife and nature photographer specializing in bird photography. The award-winning photographer started his photographic career in early 1970’s and is immensely interested in teaching photography through lectures and photography books authored by him.
  4. Jeremy Cowart: Jeremy Cowart is famed as celebrity photographer, a portrait photographer who is the perfectionist at making friends with clients and thus make awesome portrait shots. Apart from being a creative person, he is also a social artist and founder of Help Portrait (a worldwide movement of photographers using their time, equipment, and expertise to give back to those less fortunate).
  5. Abigail Harenberg:Abigail Harenberg is a Chicagoland photographer who loves to take the photographs of people for special occasions of their lives. She is widely acclaimed for her works as a wedding photographer, who captures the special moments of life artistically.

    The Photographer

    The Photographer by Wormwood.

  6. Scott Kelby: Scott Kelby specializes in digital photography training. He is the editor and publisher of Photoshop User Magazine, training director and instructor for the Adobe Photoshop Seminar Tour and author of numerous Photoshop training manuals and online courses.
  7. Thomas Hawk: Thomas Hawk is a passionate photographer aiming to publish a library of 1000,000 processed photographs. Thomas is obsessed with photography. His obsession for photography can be justified by the statement made by Thomas, “When I’m not taking or processing the pictures I’m mostly thinking about the pictures.”
  8. Haje Jan Kamps: Haje Jan Kamps is a photographer, writer and journalist. He is best known for running the popular photography blog ” Photocritic” and is currently working as freelance writer and editor for photography books. Haje is immensely interested in anything related to photography and has also compiled articles on photographing capabilities of iPhone.
  9. Rick Sammon: Rick Sammon’s Twitter profile reads Rick Sammon as a photographer, book author, iPhone app author, workshop instructor and Photoshop trainer at Kelbytraining.com, an online training institute for photographers and graphic designers.
  10. Robert Evans: Robert Evans is a professional celebrity and wedding photographer. He has photographer near about 800 weddings and thousands of portraits ranging from children portraits to family portraits.

Which photographers do you follow? Whom would you recommend?

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