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Shutter Speed — 10 Fantastic Photographs On Motion Effects

Motion and movement always add a dimension of activity to our photographs. That is where the shutter speed of our camera can help us get some amazing photographs conveying motion. Shutter speed is the other most used semi auto mode; just next to aperture priority mode. While playing around with the lens opening allows you to beautifully blur the background and compliment the subject with dreamy hazy look, shutter speed has its own implications. If you’ve had a chance to photograph the kids, sports or any other spontaneous activity, you know what I am speaking of — freezing the motion. In addition to this, you can also employ this creative camera mode for photographing beautiful motion effects, panning, light painting and the likes. Here are 10 awesome examples of photographs that describe how motion, movement and panning contribute to our photographic expression.

  1. Jump in Motion
    Jump in motion
  2. On the platform
    On the platform, reading
  3. Habanero splash
    Habanero splash
  4. + Day 47 + Reverse the history
    + Day 47 + Reverse the history
  5. Slow shutter speed2
    slow shutter speed 2
  6. Explored
  7. E = m c² [Explored]
    E  m c² [Explored]
  8. Stripblur
  9. Grass motion blur wallpaper
    Grass motion blur wallpaper
  10. Cavalcade of lights
    cavalcade of lights

Note: All pictures used under a creative commons license.

Take your pick and if you like, share your own by uploading a picture through the comments section. And if you’re just beginning, check out the following articles for photographing some cool effects by slowing down or fastening the shutter speed:

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  • merissa haldemann Jan 16, 2011 @ 17:37

    it would be great to know the details of each photo the aperture / shutter speed and the film ISO

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