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Shooting Water Droplets — 51 Stunning Examples Of Water Droplet Refractions

Photographing water droplets can really be addictive. Especially when capturing beautiful serenity of background or foregorund elements in tiny water droplets. Try it out! You will ultimately fall in love with the simple physics of the water droplets — REFRACTIONS!!!

Harold Davis, Steve Wall, Lord V, Evan Leeson, Macorlin have captured some of the finest examples of water droplets refractions. Speechless, is what these wonderful pics make you feel. Check out for yourself! Here are 51 handpicked water droplet refraction photographs. Each photograph is a perfect instance of unique colors, reflections, refractions and creates magical sensation in its own right.

  1. Water Jewell
  2. Catching Fire
  3. Double Sumac Bokeh
  4. Explored
  5. Orange Drops
  6. Pens
  7. Rain Drops
  8. Unseen Realm
  9. Refraction
  10. Springtime Refracted
  11. Amber Rain
  12. Back Garden
  13. California Blues
  14. Chihuli Blown Glass Chandelier
  15. Coca-Cola
  16. Lovely Refraction
  17. Dandelions in Dandelions
  18. Double Refraction
  19. Dripping Paint
  20. Drop Flower
  21. Elemental
  22. Natural Selection
  23. Floating Hope
  24. Flowery Drops
  25. For Icekitty
  26. Green Slice
  27. Hang The Sun From A Stem Of Dried Glass
  28. Heather Up Close
  29. Iris In A Drop
  30. Many Paths Of Light
  31. Monday Morning
  32. More Wildness
  33. Mostly Green
  34. Multitasking Drop
  35. My Drop Has Bees
  36. Natural Refractions
  37. Om Mani Padme Hum
  38. Verity Drops
  39. Paper Crane Drops
  40. Accept That There Are Many Perspectives
  41. Poppy Leaf Refraction
  42. Orchid Bloom Reflection In Waterdroplet
  43. Primrose Refraction
  44. Rose Drop
  45. Small Planet In A Fuzz Universe
  46. The Other Side Of The Refractory
  47. Tiny Worlds
  48. Purple Primroses
  49. Meecan: The Wildflowers Of Beacon Hill Park
  50. Zero Gravity
  51. The Drops Are Taking Over

Which one is your favorite?

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2 comments… add one
  • Stephanie Apr 21, 2012 @ 0:12

    I love love love these photographs! However, I was hoping for a little more guidance on how to get great images like this… What kind of lens would be optimal? I love the depth of field, and I’m a big depth of field fan, so I know you’d want it as shallow as possible… But any tips would be appreciated!!

  • Sherry Apr 21, 2012 @ 0:15

    Oh my, how could anybody choose just one favorite? They are all very awe inspiring but I particulary love the ones with the full bloom reflected in the droplets, and the multiples are simply amazing!

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