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50 Beautiful & Stunning Seascape Photographs

Looking forward to have some great pictures in your collection — it’s time to shoot the seascapes. Seascape photography is a whole world of new experiments and experiences with ever changing landscape, light and mood.

Dusk and dawn, twilight shots, long exposures, overlapping stones, foams of water, striking waves and the art of capturing the true colors of nature — all play a dominant role in making seascape photographs simply superb. Check out for yourself! Here are 50 stunning examples of seascape photographs shot at different times of the day with varying techniques and composition tricks to take you by surprise.

  1. Where I Belong
  2. En Blanco Y Negro
  3. A Square One
  4. Sea Heart
  5. Rise N Shine
  6. Somewhere
  7. November Dawn
  8. The One And Only East
  9. Dreamy Scape
  10. Colorful Cornwall
  11. Lands End Light
  12. Passing Storm
  13. Keyboard Beach
  14. Sunrise Off The Bow
  15. The Calm
  16. Light On The Mount
  17. Skyline Speedboat
  18. Forgotten
  19. Stay Wild
  20. Morning Rush
  21. Another Morning Shot
  22. El Lastron II
  23. Toothed
  24. Genesis
  25. Bluevia
  26. Windy Day At Sennen Cove
  27. 30 Seconds Of Sunrise
  28. Black Beach
  29. Night Scape
  30. Porthcurno Light
  31. Movement 9
  32. Olatuz Olatu
  33. Music Of The Night
  34. Playa De Aguilar
  35. Saturn
  36. Sea, Earth And Fire
  37. Erie Bluffs
  38. The Last Line Of Defence
  39. El Silencio
  40. Blue Planet
  41. Stand By Me
  42. Priest’s Cove After Sunset
  43. Red Morning Surf
  44. The Blue Lagoon
  45. Godrevy
  46. Receding Fog
  47. Forresters Colours At Dusk
  48. Mounts Bay
  49. Silk | Vertorama

Have you tried seascape photography yet? Share your beautiful seascape pictures with us.

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2 comments… add one
  • Andre Apr 1, 2012 @ 5:19

    It’s amazing what a neutral density filter, a long exposure time and good composition can do for a seascape.

    Imagine the kind of huge images you could print out if you had a Nikon D800 with it’s 36MP sensor and an ocean nearby. I’m pretty sure you could do a brisk business marketing those large format seascape prints.

  • Dave Harley Apr 8, 2012 @ 21:13

    Or a Pentax 645D

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