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45 Enthralling Examples Of Street Photography

Busy people walking down the streets, the city life, rushing vehicles and a lot more exciting activities happen on the streets. Street photography thus offers an opportunity to capture interesting and unique happenings — the happenings overlooked by the passersby. Here are 45 interesting street photographs as an inspiration for your next photo-shoot. Just pick your camera and stroll down the streets to capture usual yet unique aspects of street life. Check out the tips on street photography here.

  1. The Night Shift
    The Night Shift
  2. Boots (altering the angle of view and the change in perspective makes interesting images; like this one)
  3. Sleep Maps (amazing example of wild colors and shallow dof)
    Sleep Maps
  4. In The Rain In Tokyo Streets
    In The Rain In Tokyo
  5. Fruit Stand
    Fruit Stand
  6. Green Light Go
    Green Light Go
  7. Trocadero Scene
    Trocadero Scene
  8. Golden Wanderings
    Golden Wanderings
  9. Sleeping Under The Rainbow
    Sleeping Under The Rainbow
  10. Lady Bourke
    Lady Bourke
  11. And The Beat Goes On…
    And The Beat Goes On...
  12. Who Colors The Street
    Who Colors The Street
  13. Street Sweeper
    Street Sweeper
  14. Street Sign
    Street Sign
  15. Day Eighty Six
    Day Eighty Six
  16. Family Cycle Train (beautifully blurred background compliments the scene)
    Family Cycle Train
  17. Whitechapel
  18. Protestors Flips Off Police Officers While Smoking
    Protestors Flips Off Police Officers While Smoking
  19. The Little Girl And The Mattress
    The Little Girl And The Mattress
  20. Streets Of Barcelona
    Bassal - Barcelona
  21. Soho Ghostly Meetup
    Soho Ghostly Meetup
  22. Grand Street: Texting
    Grand Street Texting
  23. Whatever You Do, Don’t Look At The Rabbit
  24. Jeux De Miroir
    Jeux De Miroir
  25. Strangers, Friends
    Strangers, Friends
  26. Restoring History
    Restoring History
  27. Ode To Cartier Bresson
    Ode To Cartier Bresson
  28. That’s Interesting
    That's Interesting
  29. My Street
    My Street
  30. Fine Art Street Photography
    Fine Art Street Photography
  31. Street Photography, Centro
    Street Photography, Centro
  32. Southbank BMX Street
    Southbank BMX Street
  33. Main Street Of Dubrovnik
    Main Street Of Dubrovnik
  34. Vilnius Street 4
    Vilnius Street 4
  35. Where’s My Baby
    Where's My Baby
  36. Traffic
  37. Old Street In La Candelaria
    Old Street In La Candelaria
  38. Raining Again
    Raining Again
  39. So Complicated Was The Fall
    So Complicated Was The Fall
  40. Firenze By Me
    Firenze By Me
  41. Kid With A Balloon
    Kid With A Balloon
  42. Why Choose When You Can Have Both
    Why Choose When You Can Have Both
  43. Stuck In A Moment
    Stuck In A Moment
  44. Variation 12
    Variation 12
  45. Flowers of Diwali in India
    Flowers of Diwali in India

How about traveling to distant places and capturing the images that portray the city life culture of the busy streets? Check out travel photography tips here.

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  • Harry Hilders Apr 26, 2011 @ 19:15

    Great selection. Nice!

  • Urban Interest Dec 8, 2011 @ 15:51

    Wow, great selection of urban photography! Very inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

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