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30 Exquisite Waterfall Pictures

Nature photography is a medium for photographers to unveil the scenic beauty of nature in its diverse forms. Wildlife shots, awesome landscape photographs, beautiful flower photography or detailed macro shots, all exhibit fantastic colors, attractive aspects of scene (and subject) and uniqueness of existence of life. Adding to the list, waterfall photography offers an opportunity to the photographers to render the beauty of moving and flowing waters in form of soothing mist or foam, amazing water-blurs / layers, spectacular flowing lines or even as the splashing droplets. Tune the camera to shutter priority mode and boost the shutter speed to instantly freeze the movement of the flowing water or perhaps go slow on shutter speed and make long exposures to capture the impression of flowing waters. Here are 30 stunningly beautiful waterfall photographs to portray the inherent beauty of nature.

  1. Upper Falls At Caney Creek
  2. The Stars Of Niagara Falls (Awesome example of longĀ  exposure photography with dramatic clouds & beautiful star trails.)
    The Stars Of Niagara Falls
  3. Natures’ Showers
    Natures' Showers
  4. Stream
  5. Stream
  6. I Got The Power
    I Got The Power
  7. Mystical Waterfall
  8. Water Falling
    Water Falling
  9. End Of The Rainbow At Vernal Falls
    End Of The Rainbow At Vernal Falls
  10. Sunrise At Falling Water
    Sunrise At Falling Water
  11. Hidden
  12. Milburnie Dam II
    Milburnie Dam II
  13. Waterwall – Iguacu
    Waterwall - Iguacu
  14. Unicorn Watering Hole
    Unicorn Watering Hole
  15. Gullfoss
  16. Waterfall
  17. Scenic Falls
    Scenic Falls
  18. Blue Mists At Snoqualmie Falls
    Blue Mists At Snoqualmie Falls
  19. Golden Afternoon
    Golden Afternoon
  20. Fall Leaves, Fall Waterfall
    Fall Leaves Fall Waterfall
  21. Rio Magdalena
    Rio Magdalena
  22. Waterfall
  23. A Hard Rain
    A Hard Rain
  24. Mist
  25. Swirl
  26. Fario
  27. Beneath The Waterfall
    Beneath The Waterfall
  28. Steps
  29. Water, Rocks And Roots
    Water, Rocks And Roots
  30. Water Object
    Water Object

Watch out this space for some helpful tips on photographing the waterfalls.

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