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20 Impressive Examples Of Panoramic Photography

Panoramic photography is very interesting. It triggers the creative ideas for merging multiple images to either form seamless panorama, polar panorama, vertorama or simply a canvas of overlapping images. The wider aspect ratio of the panoramic images does not pose any limitations on imaginative skills of the photographers. You can still try your hands at HDR, long exposures  and other photographic techniques to make your panoramic shots dynamic and lively. Panoramic photography as such requires a little effort on creating consistent overlapping images. Check out these incredible tips for creating stunning panoramas to master this creative technique of photography. Here are 20 impressive examples of panoramic photography to help you take some inspiration for creating breathtaking panoramas.

  1. Panorama
  2. Dawn At Bryce Canyon
  3. Broken Head Sunrise
  4. Kansas River Sunset Pano
  5. Tracking To Everest
  6. Stitched Panorama
  7. Meadow Near George Washington’s Headquarters
  8. Tamastirtha – Ladghar
  9. Earthorama
  10. Dreamstime Series
    Vertical Panorama
  11. Paris Seveille
  12. Panorama At Currumbin SLSC
  13. Panorama Playa Barro Nocturno
  14. Panorama From Croix Du Meyrieux
  15. Burj Dubai Panorama
  16. Vancouver – Charleson Park Panorama
  17. Melbourne Panorama
  18. San Francisco Panorama
  19. Cloud Capture
  20. Panorama Sunset

Check out incredible tips for creating stunning panoramas to master this creative technique of photography.

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  • Goldenguras Feb 25, 2012 @ 22:00

    Yes it’s easy and it’s hard. 1st be sure to understand light and be able to see the picture and position yourself at the right time at the right place. Put the camera on a tripod and take the picture with fluid heads mounted on the tripod. Bring it home and put it in Lightroom or photoshop make sure you bracket your shots take a lot of pictures. Good luck .

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