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11 Photographs Of Beautifully Captured Reflections

You might have captured beautiful landscapes, floral fields and busy streets. Or might have composed various portraiture. But capturing the reflections seems to be an interesting and equally impressive subject. Reflections serves dual purpose of subjective as well as abstract photography. The mirror images of the mountains, trees, architectures, etc present an elongated view of the subject. This helps in heightening the sense of superiority as is the case with photographing  the mountains or superbly compliments the subject as in case of portraits. Whatever the case be, reflections off the shiny surface just look stunning. Here are 11 examples which compliment the beauty of subjects with beautiful reflections:

  1. Red Reflections
    Red Reflections
  2. It’s a Laugh…
    It's a Laugh...
  3. Small Little Things (during summer)
    Small Little Things (during summer)
  4. Reflection “I”
    Reflection "I"
  5. Duomo
  6. Attaining Wisdom
    Attaining Wisdom
  7. Mirror to the sky
    Mirror to the sky
  9. “People are like seasons” v.2.0
    People are like seasons v.2.0
  10. Pegasus, Bike in Barcelona
    Pegasus, Bike in Barcelona
  11. Anchored in Mist
    Anchored in Mist

Along with the reflections, photographing the water droplet refractions is a creative photographic opportunity. Check out the beautiful examples of water droplet refractions here.

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