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10 Beautiful Examples Of Macro Photography

Macro photography can be real fun. Macro photography brings out the fineness and detail which is not usually seen by the human eye. It enables you to capture close-ups of plants, flowers, animals and tiny insects with beauty and fineness. It lets you zoom into the new world of tiny subjects. The subject being larger than life definitely adds to the fun. Here are 10 beautiful examples of  macro photography.

  1. Sonnentau (Drosera) Macro Detail photo
  2. iPhoneography: Dandelion Macro I
  3. Duvalia caespitosa X Huernia pillansii hybrid flower macro
  4. Huernia clavigera X Huernia pillansii hybrid flower (Huernia distincta) – Extreme Macro
  5. Tiny Echidnopsis cereiformis flower & buds – Extreme Macro
  6. Macro planets
  7. Super Macro Eye
  8. Ladybug Macro
  9. Macro
  10. Macro Raindrops 5

Want to learn how to shoot macro photography? Here are some links to get started:

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