How To Add Sunflares And A Hazy Feel To Portrait Images

The luster and the unusual sheen of the sunflares can easily make you a fan of shooting in the sun with the lens flare effect. And your portfolio is pretty much incomplete if you haven’t used this “unusual” effect. Even though lens flare is a flaw, professional portrait photographers employ it creatively to sometimes add […]

5 Quick Techniques For Awesome Portrait Photos

Portraits? Come on… Well, but aren’t those the only photographs where the subject can talk back to you? Yes, portraits have the potential to get you the maximum reaction and promotion. And portraits are one of the most common types of photography — you don’t need to look for a nice subject with sunlight, greenery […]

3 Simple Steps For A Basic Portrait Lighting Set-up

Lights, camera, action — and here we go… for making an awesome portraiture. This reminds me of a lovely quote: Light makes photography. Embrace light. Admire it. Love it. But above all, know light. Know it for all you are worth, and you will know the key to photography. — George Eastman Be it natural […]

9 Tips For A Stunning Portrait Background

The backgrounds play an important role in making or breaking the photographs. Sometimes the backgrounds induce visual distractions and at other times compliment the personality and the character of the person in the photograph. Whatever the case may be, playing with the backgrounds can dramatically alter the mood in a shot. While contextual backgrounds are […]

5 Tips For Natural Looking Portrait Photographs

Portrait photography and posing go hand in hand. And as soon as you mention the word “pose”, the mind plays smart tricks for your subject to prepare for the picture-perfect shot. Stiff body, plastic smile and fake expressions — this picture-perfect shot has everyting except for The Natural Look. The very thought of posing for the […]

How To Photograph HeadShots

Headshots are simply photographic shots that focus on your face and shoulders. Sometimes a headshot includes only the face and the neck. Those that include the shoulders too are called ”three quarter shots”. Ideally, a headshot is taken to minimize one’s flaws and to enhance one’s features. This is particularly true for glamorous headshots (meant for actors, […]