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Which Camera Do You Own?

Tell us about your camera and how you use it. What’s the one thing you like the most about your camera? Are you using a cameraphone? They are great for shooting when you come across an unexpected spectacular moment. Some of the excellent moments have been captured on cameraphones. Or are you using a DSLR?

If you are still making up your mind to buy one, you can check out the quick buying guide here. Tell us what you’d like to know more about your camera. We are coming up with some great posts for the camera owners so have your say before we start.

We have been covering a lot of basic and technical topics on the photography front in the last one month. We’d like to know you better and collect your suggestions. We want to make sure we know you and your camera so that the information is relevant, is usable and valuable. So what are you waiting for? Come on say something :)

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  • Paul Perano Jun 7, 2012 @ 9:14

    One options you have to keep the cost down is go to a prime lens. These seem to be “Dirty Words” these days as many are leaping for zoom lenses.
    Yes zoom lenses do have wonderful advantages, but they are a compromise.

    Sony have the SAL85F28 which is an 85mm 2.8 fixed lens. I think the A550 has a focal length facto f 1.5 which should make this about a 120mm lens. You can always walk closer of further away. However the image should be nice and sharp.

    On the second hand side, places like KEH.com have old Minolta AF lenses for quite good prices. For example a 50mm, 1.7 fixed lens. This would end up being approx 75mm and would be great for low light conditions in the woods, plus a very tight depth of field. I think the one I was looking was around US$100.
    At that sort of price you could pick up a 100mm, 2.8 Macro as well to give a longer length to use. They can make good portrait lenses as well as macro.
    Or a wide 28mm, 2.8

    There are some options for you,
    Paul P

  • maria Jun 7, 2012 @ 15:41

    thanks a lot Paul!!
    all your advice was of great help :)
    I’ll follow it and then I will let u know how it went ;))
    kind regards and thx again

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