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How Many Types Of Cameras Do You Know?

Ever tried to think how many types of cameras are there? I always see people talking about DSLRs, but at professional level we have other cameras as well. Cameras are broadly classified on the basis of size of the film/ sensor (in digital cameras). Here’s a brief introduction:

  1. Small Format Cameras

    All the SLR, DSLR cameras fall under this category. Small format cameras have normally 35mm sensor. It is 1.5 times smaller than the standard film. You do have some cameras in market which are termed as 1:1 ratio cameras which means the sensor size is equal to the film size. Easy to handle and carry. Good for outdoor and photography of moving subjects. But these pictures have a limitation when you blow it up to bigger size.

  2. Medium Format Cameras

    These cameras are generally a smaller version of the large format cameras. Bulkier than small format cameras but still can be carried. Their film size is around 6X4.5cm, 6X6cm, 6X7cm, 6X9cm, 6X17cm. Some good brands are Pentax, Hassleblad, Mamiya and Fuji. Most of these cameras have detachable backs so that a subject can be photographed in color (slide as well as negative) and black & white by using different back attachments. These have interchangeable view finders and viewing screens to meet the varying demands of the photographic assignments. Good for blow ups.

  3. Large Format Cameras

    These are purely professional cameras which enable the lens and film to have movements independent to each other. The picture size is around 4X5 inches, 5X7 inches, or 8X10 inches. These cameras are excellent in looking after perspective correction, taking close-up macro shots, shooting awesome product & table top images and for capturing the vivid colors for landscapes. The pictures taken from these cameras can be blown up to big sizes which are used for advertising campaigns.

Watch out this space for more updates (mirrorless cameras, micro-thirds, rangefinders, etc.)

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  • Cheap Cameras Mar 7, 2010 @ 2:39

    Im an amateur photog so this has been very informative. I just own a P&S by the way..so I really don’t know anything about SLR and DSLR. Reading this has made me gain interest in upgrading into more serious cameras.

  • LG Help Mar 18, 2010 @ 9:40

    Very interesting article. As just a hobbyist photographer, a lot of cameras look very similar to me (I can just distinguish cheap vs. expensive!) so this helps a lot. Thanks for the good read.

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