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Photography — An Art Or The Technology?

Do you consider photography as an art or you are completely dependent on technology. This debate has been going on since ages. Some people just do not get satisfied with the high end cameras they have. They always try to get the upgraded version with the hope that the advanced camera will improve their photography but forget the real essence of photography – THE ART.

Photography does not improve with a better camera. The most important thing is to understand the art, develop the right skills and understand the technicalities of exposure, composition and the knowledge to use the right equipment.

A few thoughts:

  1. Good Pictures Require Appropriate Skill

    No matter how big or expensive the camera is, the quality of work will always depend on the photographer. Though you need good equipment for the work but there has to be an end to the never satisfying need of a better and high end camera. A good photographer can take good pictures from any camera.

  2. You Learn Photography By Practicing The Art Of Taking Pictures

    Reading books and all high tech knowledge will not help you unless you pick up the camera and start shooting. Get the knowledge about all the technicalities of photography and practice it to make it your skill. You can not learn how to play golf until you take the club in your hand and hit a few balls. That’s the most important part.

  3. You Need To Know The Technicalities & Techniques

    Focus on understanding the basics of exposures, composition, and the right kind of equipment you need for a particular kind of pictures. When you are comfortable with the camera settings, controls and well-versed with compositional elements you are in a good position to put your skills to test.

  4. You Need To Be Aware Of The Various Equipment At Your Disposal

    Your camera is just one piece of the entire puzzle. There are a lot many accessories like the different types of lenses, filters, lighting equipment, grids, etc which come in handy for shooting a variety of scenes. A sound knowledge of the photographic accessories help you in improving your work.

  5. Let’s Talk About Improving Your Photography

    Always decide in advance what you want to do and get the right information about it. Better yet give yourself assignments and go prepared for the photo-walk. While one day you can plan to focus only on the lines, the other day you can go wild shooting the  patterns and repetitions. Take a lot of shots to understand what works and what simply doesn’t work. As you do so, keep a track of your progress.

  6. You Can Learn A Lot From Your Own Images

    The most important part- do not throw away the pictures which you are not happy about. Analyze them and keep them for future reference. It will help you understand your mistakes and improve your art over time.

Play with your equipment and experiment with all settings as long as you are learning. The equipment is only a tool to help you achieve the results that you imagine.

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