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The New APN Is Here To Rock!

APN Web design for photogrpahers…with due apologies for the spam attack and the story behind… And there’s a lot new. But first things first. APN had been in offline mode for over a month now. And there were several reasons, funding being the key issue.

APN started as my personal photography blog. These we my personal memoirs on photography — everything that I learnt and picked up with my Nikon D80. But sometime in Jan 2013 APN couldn’t survive any further without funding. It was time to rethink whether APN was going to be another wild venture in the closing.

APN is special to me… as is photography. So instead of bowing out, it was time to relaunch APN in a new avatar — something that would let me experience photography and help me achieve the creative satisfaction but also (hopefully) allow me to offer my core expertise to photography professionals. I’m a full-time web-designer but with a creative eye.

So here’s the new APN for you — a web-design service exclusively for photographers, packed with photography, business tips and tricks and an awesome forum.

But in the midst of redesign and revamping the forums, APN was attacked by spammers who managed to send at least 3 spam articles to our feed subscribers. As a result we lost many subscribers. I do sincerely apologize for the same and want to assure you that this will not happen in the future. Strict measures are in place to put an end to this and it’s the end for the spam attack.

What has changed with new APN?

  1. The feed subscription service has been replaced. Please resubscribe: APN is now sending newsletters via Aweber. The new newsletter is more powerful, easy on the eyes yet comprehensive and robust. Subscription is free of course. Those subscribed to APN through feedburner will need to resubscribe and confirm the subscription here. This will ensure that you continue to receive my awesome photography anecdotes and experiences and the killer tips to grow your photography business and generate more revenue.
  2. I’m now offering web-design services for photographers: The only thing that makes me special for the job is the blend of my coding experience with the creative eye. Photography and design are closer that is apparent to the naked eye.

What is in store for future?

Offering web-design services to photographers gives me an incentive to continue sharing my photography experiences. Without it APN would lose the traction and would be more of a fruitless exercise. I think in the new form APN is a killer offering. It not only helps you grow as a photographer but also allows you to run an awesome photography website, helps you with eBusiness and makes it easy for you to showcase your portfolio creatively. Not only will this help you grow your photography business (get new clients, promote your business and generate more revenue), it will also be my endeavor to sharpen your skills as a photographer and as a website owner. That’s the best thing about the new APN — a gateway to making monetary success with Photography.

As I write this post, I recall that APN turns 5 this year — the credit all goes to the wonderful readers and APN fans. With this, I would like to invite you to have a look at the new APN.

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