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July 2011

In Part I of this series, “Introduction To Color Spaces“, we saw how color spaces are responsible for the color accuracy and rendering of the images. In this article, we will focus on the ways to process your photographs to obtain a high quality, professional grade photo-print. In order to get a naturally and aesthetically… Read more

Review Of Fotolia Stock Photography Resource + Giveaway

Fotolia is one of the better known names amongst stock photography websites. It is a repository of royalty-free photos, videos, vector graphics and illustrations allowing photographers to maintain micro-stocks and make money by selling the photographs online. Fotolia, like other stock photography websites offers a common ground to the photographers and designers to buy and… Read more

Photograph Printing I — Introduction To Color Spaces

When preparing the photographs for printing, color management plays a critical role in rendering the true and accurate colors. The color management starts with calibration of devices and aims at reproducing consistent colors across the media used for viewing the photographs; be it the photo-editor or the final print. In the earlier article, we had… Read more

DSLR Predictions 2011 — Top 5 Expected Cameras In 2011

The latest advancements in the technology have paved way for introducing amazing features in the upcoming cameras. On one hand, the camera manufacturers are competing for delivering better image quality and high performance in low-light. And on the other hand they are striving for providing the features which boost the performance of the camera —… Read more

Lighting Effects — 28 Impressive Examples

In the previous article, we had enlisted 9 special effects that can be achieved with lighting. Here’s a collection of the special effects achieved by creatively using the lights; either as backlight for the glowing effect or for rendering the vintage look by employing the bright daylight. It is truly said that light makes or… Read more

Light has always been, and will always be the prime element in photography. In fact, the term “photography” itself comes from the combination of two Greek words— “phos”, meaning light and “graphics”, meaning drawing. To sum up, photography is the art of drawing with light. A photograph can never be right if the light falling… Read more

Photoshop is universally considered to be a killer digital image editor and for digital photographers it is an extremely powerful post-processing tool. But the professional post-processing is not restricted to Photoshop only, you can use the same adjustments to fine-tune the images in Lightroom, Capture NX or GIMP as well. With the proper information about… Read more

In the realm of photography, photographers keep debating about the superiority of full frame and crop sensor cameras. While some DSLR users would state “Bigger the better” and recommend going for full frame sensor camera, others would prefer the crop sensor camera for its penetration in the market, availability, low price, lightweight and small size… Read more

Cute Pet Photographs — 33 Cutest Pics

In our previous article, we talked about how to shoot cute pics of your pets. Just like kids, your pets are also adorable and sometimes a way too notorious. And it is a lovely experience to photograph them when they are busy in their own world. Here is a gallery of 33 such cute pictures… Read more

11 Tips — How To Take Cute Pics Of Your Pet Animals

Like kids, pet animals are also naturally photogenic. When these furry little beings become part of your family, they also make a way to your hearts, and as such, you would like to preserve those cherishing moments of your new best friend in the form of photographs. Just like kids, pets too are not easy… Read more