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January 2011

Top 10 Stock Photography Websites To Help You Make Money Online

Stock photography websites specialize in maintaining user-generated stock of photos (and illustrations, videos, audio files); to drive the demand-supply chain of stock photos online. And they help you — the photographer — make money (the coolest part). Stock photography is one of the most effective mediums for photographers. They also help you make money online… Read more

Top DSLRs — Top 10 Best Selling Digital SLR Cameras In 2010

The best cameras ultimately top the charts owing to the features, flexibility and the money value they provide to the users. In the present market scenario, each manufacturer be it Nikon, Canon, Sony, Olympus is ready to serve the end-user not only with better image quality, they are more oriented towards providing competitive features too… Read more

Photographic Mistakes — 10 Most Common Errors In Photography

A good way of learning is to learn from the mistakes. The intelligent way of learning is to learn from the mistakes of others. Everyone makes mistakes while picking up things for the first time, which later showers experience and growth. The same fact holds true for photography as well. Learning, knowing and starting of… Read more

Bokeh enhances the overall look and feel of an image. The shallow depth of field (attained at smaller aperture) coupled with beautiful imagery of background lights works wonders. The bokeh compliments the subject aesthetically with surreal and dreamy effect. It intensifies the composition when portrayed as the subject and creates interest in the photograph when… Read more

Colors In Photography — How To Get Great Colors In-Camera

Colors are prime elements of color photographys. The photographs speak the language of colors. Just like a black and white photograph recites the timelessness, the various hues in the color photographs help in making the photographs interesting, lively, create mood and add drama to the scene. Getting great yet accurate colors is one thing which… Read more

Architecture photography is not only about capturing the strength and authority of huge structures, it is also about portraying the beauty and craftsmanship of the beautiful architectures. It is like documenting the hard work, effort and uniqueness of buildings all around us. You don’t need to go out hunting for beautiful buildings, instead you just… Read more

10 Features Of A Great Camera

How do you find a great camera to shoot? There are varied notions surrounding the concept of what makes a great camera viz. — great features, design, speed in frames-per-second. But arguably the greatest camera is the one that aids in your creative adventure and helps you achieve your creative vision. As such the pivotal… Read more

Red-eye is mostly encountered in the photographs taken at night with flash on. The direct light from the camera flash reflects off the retina, resulting in the red color (from the blood vessels that nourish the eye). In the course of clicking pics of your loved ones, you may have encountered this effect quite often… Read more

Street photography is all about capturing the activities happening on the streets, ranging from the rushing crowd of people to busily running trams and cars. It is about capturing something that everyone goes through in their daily lives but still fail to observe the unique aspect of it. Street photography offers a lot of opportunities… Read more

20 Free And Useful Tools For Photographers

Photography is not only about taking the photographs. It is about making the photographs. While the purists believe in making good photographs with their cameras, the professional photographers are experts at photo editors, manipulating & retouching tools and follow marketing strategies to make the most from photography. Here’s a collection of free and useful tools… Read more

E-Book Review — How To Shoot A Reportage By Enzo Dal Verme

In the words of Ansel Adams “A good photograph is knowing where to stand”. The thought holds true for shooting a reportage. The subject, when shooting as a photo-journalist is common (coverage of natural calamities, documentation of a city, journals of famous personalities, etc) and what makes the difference is how you interpret the scene… Read more