Prime Lenses — Are They Better Than Fast Zooms?

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Author’s Intro: This article is contributed by Subroto Mukerji. Subroto is an amateur photographer of long standing who especially loves to review cameras, lenses, etc. As a passionate hobbyist, he also loves to share his thoughts and insights on various topics related to photography. I became serious about photography in the late seventies of the […]

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How Does The Camera’s Auto Focus Work?

How Does Auto Focus Work

Modern DSLRs have made our life much easier. Most of the manual tasks including a few post-processing effects are now achieved during the shoot itself. One such very important mechanism is auto focus. We see through viewfinder and press shutter release button, the camera automatically focuses on the very first object placed or moving in […]

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10 Things They May Not Teach You In A Photography School

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If you’re serious about starting a career in photography, getting your diploma at the photography school is not enough. Even though photography schools play a vital role in imparting the technical theories, there are some things that only experience can teach you — your own experience or the experience of others. Most of the professional […]

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Why Do You Need A Fast Lens And What Is It?

Canon Fd 20mm F2.8

Getting blurred or noisy pictures? Want to reduce this noise and be able to shoot in low-light conditions? Possibly receiving frowns from friends whose portraits you shot? You need a fast lens. What Is A Fast Lens? Remember aperture? Aperture is measured in f-stops. The larger the number the smaller the aperture, so f/5.6 is […]

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RAW Vs TIFF — Which Image File Format Should I Use?

Aitor Agirregabiria De La Sen

For almost all of us be it photographers or the audience, the final result is what matters the most. Capturing a perfect shot every single time is not so easy and thus the flexibility to add finishes to the image in post- processing phase becomes crucial for getting the professional results. Accordingly, the file format […]

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