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Recently I was thinking of a gift for a friend of mine and I decided I’d make a collage from some of my non-personal photos. The collage turned out to be a 36″ x 24″ poster with one 18″x12″ hero shot. I think for someone who pursues photography purely as a passion and doesn’t have… Read more

In the digital age, online photo-sharing has become a buzz word. Flickr, Picasa, Facebook, Photobucket, etc have facilitated sharing the photographs online. Primarily conceptualized as photo-sharing and organizing services, Flickr and Picasa have emerged as the two most popular platforms for storing, organizing and social sharing as well. While Flickr is a service powered by… Read more

What do you do to improve your photography? Do you prefer joining a photography school or simply follow the pros? Well, both the styles of honing your skills have their own advantages, but the latter is more practical and result oriented. Professional photographers have a knack to share what they have learned over time by… Read more

Mega Collection — 136 Lightroom Presets For Portraits

Here’s a mega collection of Lightroom presets for portraits. If you are looking forward to compile an album of wedding photographs or planning to showcase the family portraits, it is a great idea to add a “WOW” factor to your images with these quick and smart Lightroom presets. Want to add that vintage look or… Read more

75+ Lightroom Presets For Beautiful Lomo Effects Off-camera

While there is no match to in-camera effects, you can always play around with various effects off-camera for that awesome cinematic and romantic feel to your photographs. Likewise, you can create or use custom presets for replicating the lomo effect off-camera. Here we have a collection of some awesome Lightroom presets to transform flat pictures… Read more

10 More Awesome Android Apps For Photography Enthusiasts

Technology has opened up creative solutions for photographers. And with the rise of iPhonography — the trend of making beautiful pictures with your camera phone, we have entered the all new world of taking and making the photographs. As much as it is simple to carry your camera phone around with you as the most… Read more

Picking up from the piles of the books on the shelves about photography is quite of a task. Each book stands out distinctly with specific tips, tricks and blend of experiments and experiences of the photographers over the time. Some books make a lasting impresssion on the readers while others engulf the readers into seriously… Read more

8 Effortless Options For Creating Impressive Photo Collages

Photography is all about creativity. It is not only restricted to taking and making beautiful photographs but the realm of photography engulfs the presentation aspect as well. Creating photo collages, mosaics, etc come in handy for presenting the photographs in artistic manner. Photo collage is a work of formal art made from an assemblage of… Read more

10 More Inspirational Photography Quotes

Few months back we had compiled a list of inspirational photography quotes by the famous photographers and this time we have an awesome collection of the wise sayings focusing more on the photography as an art of visualization. Photography as an art depends on the way you see the world around you and how you… Read more

While maintaining the micro-stocks on stock photography websites is a good option for selling the photographs online, there are scores of other options as well. For instance creating web galleries and portfolio websites or offering the images to be used for crafting amazing photo-gifts (cards, mugs, t-shirts, teddy bears, etc) or perhaps registering with the… Read more

10 Awesome Android Apps For Photography Enthusiasts

Simple, easy and handy are the three words which best describe the camera phones and with various apps in the Android market, the Android users can further qualify their camera phones to smart (and advanced) camera. Android market offers some outstanding and excellent apps for serious photographers as well. Apart from photo-editing apps and filters… Read more