Macro Photography — An Introduction To Focus Stacking

Macro photography is a world of fascinations. The fine details and unexplored world of macros make it all the more refreshing each time you take a look at some of the perfectly finished macro photographs. Ecstaticist’s photostream, Lord V’s photographs and Macorlin’s shots find a special mention in this respect. Shallow depth of field, sharply […]

Macro Photography — How To Shoot Insects And Very Small Subjects

Small, simple and beautiful is the essence of Macro Photography. Close-ups of plants, flowers, animals and tiny insects complement the subjects with beauty and fineness. Getting closer to these subjects is analogous to getting personal with them, to invade their beautiful world filled with plethora of amazing minute details. It reveals beautiful patterns and textures […]

6 Tips On How To Excel In Macro Photography

Macro photography can be real fun. Macro photography brings out the fineness and detail which is not usually seen by the human eye. The subject being larger than life definitely adds to the fun. Here are a few tips on how you can do better at macro photography. Camera Settings [Macro Mode] The camera’s macro […]