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October 2012

Light Meters 101 — When, Why And How To Use A Light Meter

Controlling the light and mastering the exposure is the mantra for success as a photographer. Understanding the camera’s metering is akin to mastering the light & exposure. Getting to know how the camera reads the light and translates this information into shutter speed, aperture value and ISO is what determines the exposure; optimal exposure to… Read more

Night Photography — 6 Challenges & 9 Awesome Effects

Photography is like painting with light on a photosensitive canvas. How about painting something in the absence of adequate amount of light? Sounds challenging right! Humans have always been doing challenging tasks, and shooting in night no more remains a challenge now. While fighting with challenges occurring in low light situations as in night, photographers… Read more

An Introduction To Studio Lighting & Equipment

Are you planning to put up a small home studio or are getting serious about extending your lighting kit? At one point of time or other you will have to go in for it with your hard earned money. It is quite overwhelming to get involved in buying the appropriate lighting equipment; especially when you… Read more

Many a times we discard our photos just because they fail to impress us — might be because of colors, clarity or sharpness. Especially with landscape photographs, dull skies and flat tones completely break the aesthetics of an image. And we end up putting these images in the trash. But wait! How about adding some punch… Read more

30 More Interesting Examples Of Street Photography

Have you ever picked up your camera and went out on city streets to explore the wonderful opportunity of photographing people and events — with no specific plan in mind? If not, this is the right time to do it. Photographing on street is a fun in itself. Even when you don’t have absolute control… Read more

Difference Between Rule of Thirds and Golden Ratio

Composition is the key element of the photography. Apart from practicing technical controls of the camera to achieve various effects, one has to learn to compose a scene before taking shots. Composing a scene means arranging different visual elements in the field of view for the shooting purpose, so that we have the desired placement… Read more