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May 2012

Cameras, the sophisticated piece of technology are a great help to us photographers. Various shooting modes, in-camera effects, live view modes, white balance settings, virtual horizon feature, Image Stabilization / Vibration Reduction, bracketing and the other such features effectively help the beginners to make decent images. DOF preview button is one amongst the smart features… Read more

6 Cool Tips For Shooting Heights And Depths

Natural landscapes are a great subject to shoot; especially when you are traveling to exotic locations with a wide array of running hills and mountains. As exciting and adventurous it is to climb the mountains, more rewarding it is to take the photographs of these terrains. Setting sun kissing the mountains, mist, fog & snow… Read more

7 Amazing Tips To Unlock The Secret Of Blue Hour

Getting there at the right time is all that matters! It simply pays you off with great colors and amazing shots. And just like you all might have experienced the rewards of photographing in golden magic hour, it is worth experimenting photography in the Blue Hour. The Magical Appeal Of Blue Hour Many photographers including… Read more

31 Cute, Awesome And Adorable Pics Of Newborns

Cute pictures of kids, toddlers and pets impress everyone. More than imaging techniques, what matters the most with these innocent creatures of god is “capturing the moment” — the moment filled with love, care and lots of emotions. All these things make up for brilliant photographs, especially when the subject itself is God’s own creation… Read more

Recently I came across an article on various camera systems. Among the other cameras, like DSLRs, micro-thirds, mirrorless and point and shoot types, what caught my attention was the mention of the rangefinder cameras. The rangefinder cameras were quite common from 1930s to 1970s, which were gradually taken over by more advanced, automated and simplified… Read more

Simple things are often more beautiful, elegant and bold. But achieving the simplicity in itself is an art — an art of expression where less is more. Lesser words and more impact, lesser clutter and more of an effect. Well I am not here to give you tips about zen life like Leo Babauta, zenhabits.net… Read more

What Is A Rangefinder Camera?

A rangefinder camera has a range-finding focusing mechanism allowing the photographer to measure the subject distance and take photographs that are in sharp focus. This is what makes the rangefinder cameras popular among the passionate photographers — the focusing mechanism. The viewfinder of the rangefinder camera shows two images of the subject and as you… Read more

5 Quick Techniques For Awesome Portrait Photos

Portraits? Come on… Well, but aren’t those the only photographs where the subject can talk back to you? Yes, portraits have the potential to get you the maximum reaction and promotion. And portraits are one of the most common types of photography — you don’t need to look for a nice subject with sunlight, greenery… Read more

3 Simple Steps For A Basic Portrait Lighting Set-up

Lights, camera, action — and here we go… for making an awesome portraiture. This reminds me of a lovely quote: Light makes photography. Embrace light. Admire it. Love it. But above all, know light. Know it for all you are worth, and you will know the key to photography. — George Eastman Be it natural… Read more

Posing Tips — Handy Tips And Ideas For Wedding Poses

Author’s Intro: This is a guest post by Kevin. Kevin provides various tips and tricks on wedding photography, portrait photography and family photography. A photographer is perhaps one of the most important components of a couple’s wedding day — the person responsible for making those special moments truly special for the couple to cherish for… Read more