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March 2012

Neutral Density Filter — 3 Classic Uses Of ND Filters

Filters are the photographer’s friend. Sometimes they act as lens protectors (a simple UV filter) and at other times they help you in intensifying some colors (intesifier filters for instance) or allow some specific wavelengths while blocking the others as is the case with infrared filters. Likewise, neutral density filters find a special mention among… Read more

7 Tips That Will Propel Your IPhone Photography

About the Author: The article is written by Peter Smith. He is expert in identifying fake and manipulated photos. Apart from that he has varied knowledge of wedding and portrait photography. To know more about him visit corporate video production and corporate event filming. Whatever some may say about their photo-shooting abilities, the iPhone, when… Read more

50 Beautiful & Stunning Seascape Photographs

Looking forward to have some great pictures in your collection — it’s time to shoot the seascapes. Seascape photography is a whole world of new experiments and experiences with ever changing landscape, light and mood. Dusk and dawn, twilight shots, long exposures, overlapping stones, foams of water, striking waves and the art of capturing the… Read more

Rick Sammon says, “Light illuminates, shadows define” and this combination of light and shadows add a lot of drama to your captures. Sidelighting in this respect can radically increase the drama of an image by employing the lighting ratio that perfectly balances the light and shadows. This technique of photographic lighting adds shape, texture and… Read more

9 Tips For A Stunning Portrait Background

The backgrounds play an important role in making or breaking the photographs. Sometimes the backgrounds induce visual distractions and at other times compliment the personality and the character of the person in the photograph. Whatever the case may be, playing with the backgrounds can dramatically alter the mood in a shot. While contextual backgrounds are… Read more

Low light conditions, mixed lighting and bustling creativity is what sets apart the night photography. The moonlit sky, shining stars, artificial lighting, sparkling fireworks magically transforms the everyday world to the arena of colors, light and action to provide an excellent opportunity for taking the magnificent shots. Just equip yourself with night photography tips and… Read more

RAW Vs TIFF — Which Image File Format Should I Use?

For almost all of us be it photographers or the audience, the final result is what matters the most. Capturing a perfect shot every single time is not so easy and thus the flexibility to add finishes to the image in post- processing phase becomes crucial for getting the professional results. Accordingly, the file format… Read more