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October 2011

20 Impressive Examples Of Panoramic Photography

Panoramic photography is very interesting. It triggers the creative ideas for merging multiple images to either form seamless panorama, polar panorama, vertorama or simply a canvas of overlapping images. The wider aspect ratio of the panoramic images does not pose any limitations on imaginative skills of the photographers. You can still try your hands at… Read more

Panoramic photography is the technique of creating images with elongated field of view. Mostly popular among landscape photographers, this technique enables the photographers to merge multiple images to form a true panoramic image — an image with wide aspect ratio (ranging from 2:1 to as wide as 10:1) along with a wider field of view… Read more

Boudoir photography is one of the popular genres of portrait photography. Artistic expression and photographer’s skills at creating tasteful, sensual and classy photographs of the subject gives this form of art a distinct identity. Trading off between the eroticism of glamor photography and sobriety of portrait photography, this form of art purely focuses on portraying… Read more

20 Cools Examples Of Boudoir Photography

Here are 20 cool photographs demonstrating the flavors of boudoir photography. The essence of boudoir lies in making the best use of light, contrast, color, composition and props to highlight the best side of female sensuality. If you haven’t read my article on boudoir photography, now is a good time to read it and come… Read more

An Introduction To The Art Of Boudoir Photography

The term boudoir as in boudoir photography refers to lady’s private room or sitting area. Revolving around the concept of boudoir, the boudoir style photographs reflect intimacy, sensuality and the beauty of the woman. Boudoir is a popular genre of portrait photography which aims at artistic, tasteful and classic presentation of female form. It is… Read more

5 Composition Tips For Stunningly Interesting Photos

Learning and practicing the photographic compositions acts as the foundation for great photographs. Either in the form of design principles or as composition elements, following the rules of composition always contributes in making the photographs impressive and attractive. As you advance a little further, the urge of refinement and perfectionism revitalizes in you the spirit for… Read more

The excitement for the mirror-less cameras is gaining momentum. Making a mark with Panasonic’s DMC-G1in 2008, the trend of offering fast, light and small no-mirror design has surpassed all the major camera manufacturers. These mirrorless designs are categorized as the cameras with relatively larger sensor which shower the benefits of better image quality (even in… Read more

How To Allow The Usage Of Your Digital Photographs

Photography as an art nourishes and gains exposure with criticism and appreciation. While traditionally, art galleries and exhibitions served as the medium for critiques, the digital age has introduced the photographers to an online platform as well. This online platform allows the photographers to publish their art on internet through online portfolio, photo sharing websites… Read more

5 Tips To Protect Your Digital Photos Online

Photography is a creative process of producing the artwork in the tangible form. Just like writers and painters have exclusive rights on the piece of creative arts produced by them, the photographers also enjoy these rights. By default all the photographs taken by you exclusively belong to you, i.e the rights to copy, distribute and… Read more

Announcing — APN-The Book 2011 On APN’s 3rd Birthday!

APN celeberates it’s third birthday today. Through these three years APN has come to be respected as an authoritative photography reference and resource. Many readers expressed interest in being able to carry this huge knowledge resource in the form of an ebook. Trivia: APN’s birthday falls on the same day as mine. It was actually… Read more