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June 2011

Nikon Electronic Format or NEF for short is Nikon’s RAW image format. Referred to as the digital negatives, these raw files contain all the image information along with image’s metadata in form of camera identification, it’s settings, EXIF data, lens used and other information. Check out our article on RAW image format. As a RAW… Read more

Pixel Density & How Does It Matter

As full frame digital cameras become the norm, the digital camera landscape is changing. More and more photographers intend to move to full-frame or plan to in the near future. One aspect of the full-frame sensors in the loss of pixel density. Let’s see what pixel density is, how does it matter and it’s effects… Read more

11 Unintented Secrets Of Professional Photographers

As budding photographers and hobbyists, we are looking for the secrets of the professionals. In photography there are no secrets; perhaps they are obvious facts that have been overlooked or too obvious to be noticed. There are some things which only experience can teach you. Nevertheless, here’s a collection of 11 such things which remain… Read more

What makes a photograph good or bad? What attributes to making great photographs? Well, it is not just one thing which makes the photograph awesome; it is in fact a whole lot of rules, factors and skills practiced and implemented by the photographer to make the great photograph happen. A perfect blend of the photographer’s… Read more

Portrait Poses — A Collection Of 26 Awesome Headshots

Glamorous or in-studio headshots are often taken, to market a person in the entertainment industry. Models and actors use headshots in their portfolios. Often eyes are highlighted in order to portray the attitude of the person. Head shots, if taken properly can bring out the best in a person’s facial features. Here are 32 amazing… Read more

Amongst all the digital camera manufacturers of today (Casio, Fuji, Panasonic, Sony, Pentax, Nikon and Canon), Nikon is considered to be a biggie that has been launching cameras in the market for almost 50 years now. Therefore, the reliability upon features and quality of the cameras offered by Nikon are high. In the recent years… Read more

How To Photograph HeadShots

Headshots are simply photographic shots that focus on your face and shoulders. Sometimes a headshot includes only the face and the neck. Those that include the shoulders too are called ”three quarter shots”. Ideally, a headshot is taken to minimize one’s flaws and to enhance one’s features. This is particularly true for glamorous headshots (meant for actors… Read more

Creativity is prone to staleness. Even though the adage “Practice make the man perfect” holds true for artists, there are times, you can call them as serious fallbacks, when you (as a photographer) cannot discover new ideas and your mind goes blank. Step back! Its time to refuel your creativity and here are 14 killer… Read more