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May 2011

Sports photography is perhaps the most exciting and engaging form of photography. It gives you an opportunity to freeze the action, capture the enthusiasm, team spirit and reactions of the players on the field fighting till the end to win a game. Sports photography engages you in the sport though not as a player but… Read more

10 More Inspirational Photography Quotes

Few months back we had compiled a list of inspirational photography quotes by the famous photographers and this time we have an awesome collection of the wise sayings focusing more on the photography as an art of visualization. Photography as an art depends on the way you see the world around you and how you… Read more

While maintaining the micro-stocks on stock photography websites is a good option for selling the photographs online, there are scores of other options as well. For instance creating web galleries and portfolio websites or offering the images to be used for crafting amazing photo-gifts (cards, mugs, t-shirts, teddy bears, etc) or perhaps registering with the… Read more

10 Awesome Android Apps For Photography Enthusiasts

Simple, easy and handy are the three words which best describe the camera phones and with various apps in the Android market, the Android users can further qualify their camera phones to smart (and advanced) camera. Android market offers some outstanding and excellent apps for serious photographers as well. Apart from photo-editing apps and filters… Read more

How To Take Amazing Pictures With Camera Phone

Even though the camera phones are no match to high end DSLRs and its features to control the camera, the camera phone is a strong contender for creating good images. After all photography is an art and the camera is just the tool in the hands of an artist. Recently, I was astonished to see… Read more

Night photography is one beautiful form of photography. Even though the photographer is posed with the low light luminance challenge and the camera meter is tricked by the artificial lights; slower shutter speeds and effective use of flash help in getting amazing results. Here are 25 examples of night photography portraying the beauty of silent… Read more

The adage “A picture is worth a thousand words” is the very essence of concept photography. Concept photography is the art of conveying a message through the art of photography. It is the technique used by photographers to divert the attention of viewers towards the happenings — social activities, traditions, disasters, sufferings, emotions, etc. Concept… Read more