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March 2011

How To Use CatchLights To Add Expression To Portraits

Catchlight is the photography term used to describe the reflection of light that shows up in the eyes. The human eyes are the liveliest part of the human persona and naturally tends to gain the reflection from the surrounding light sources and it just takes an observing eye to capture this natural phenomena onto the… Read more

Here are 30 dazzling, sophisticate and chivalric examples of interior photography. While most of the interior photography happens to be for commercial purpose — for rendering aesthetic value to beautiful shelters, there are passionate photographers on the other hand who take up interior photography to voice the antique beauty, glory and pride of historical architectures… Read more

How To Make Excellent Photographs Of Interiors

Architecture photography has a lot of scope for commercial purposes like in real-estate business etc. While photographing exteriors requires focus on composition, you have to be particular about lighting when photographing interiors (check out the article on photographing architectural structures here). You have to be particular about the geometry of structures and the presentation of the photographs… Read more

Color Management And Color Accuracy — The Basics

Color management is the technique of achieving consistent colors across various imaging-devices. So, whether you are editing the photograph in Photoshop or viewing the same photograph on your cellphone or printing it out on paper — it should look the same on all media. However in reality there’s quite a difference when you view the… Read more

10 Must-Follow Photographers On Twitter

Pursuing photography as passion, profession or personal interest requires you to experiment and learn from the experience of others — from professionals and masters of photography. One simple way to learn from photographers is obviously through social media — Twitter; where you can follow your favorite photographers, know about their habits as a photographer and… Read more

Edge burning, as the name suggests, is the technique of burning or darkening the edges of a photograph. The primary purpose of darkening the images along the borders is to guide the viewer’s attention to your center of interest. In the process of darkening or burning the edges, the photographer eventually introduces the tonal congruence… Read more

HDR is an abbreviated form of High Dynamic Range. It is one of the most interesting aspects of photography. Cameras have a very limited dynamic range and the cameras cannot see what our eyes do. To portray scenes with a high dynamic range, three shots are taken at different exposures — one normal, one underexposed… Read more

55 Stunningly Beautiful Flower Photographs

Here are 55 stunningly beautiful flower photographs illustrating the aesthetics of natural beauty. The following collection of awesome flowers comprehensively describe delicacy, beauty, elegance and fine details of the wonderful creation of nature — the flower. Abundant in nature, these awesome and delicate flowers offer a lot of photographic opportunities. Macro shots, backlight magic, shallow… Read more

How To Take Awesome Flower-Photographs — 7 Tips

Photographing flowers is perhaps one of the most common form of photographing the beauty of nature. It offers diverse options with an assurance of beautiful results every time you take the shot. The colors, shape, form and delicacy of the flowers make it the “most-photographed” subject irrespective of the level of the photographer. The beginner… Read more