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November 2010

10 Tips For Great Group Photographs

Picnics, family outings, get together with friends and colleagues, official trips, tours and parties — call for making great group photographs. The moment when the entire group of family members, friends or colleagues is together, is the best time to capture the incidents and events to cherish them for time to come. Group photography has… Read more

Secrets Of The On-Camera Flash And Flash Modes

On-camera flash or the built-in flash is the most convenient source of light while photographing. It is a compact and easy to use light source in low-ambient light. The built-in flash is the appropriate alternative for getting the right amount of exposure in low-light. Even though it is a good source of light and your… Read more

Exposure Revisited — 10 Myths And Truths

Exposure is an often misused and allusive word in the world of photography. The effect of shutter-speed, aperture and ISO only adds to the complexity and confusion. In the age of the film getting the optimal exposure was trickier than in the age of digital. Now you can take the shot, look at the result… Read more

Perspective portrays your unique viewpoint in the photograph. It enables you to convey your creative outlook; by portraying things around you with a difference. In addition perspective helps depict depth which is usually missing from the 2-dimensional photo-plane. Perspective makes a difference to the composition by adding the missing third-dimension and creating extra interest. It… Read more

40 Beautiful Landscape Photographs

Here’s APN’s collection of 40 beautiful landscape photographs. This compliments our recent post on landscape photography and is an attempt to bring you the experience and inspiration from some of the best landscape photographs out there. Landscape photography is an amazing world altogether. It offers you the opportunity to get closer to nature and understand… Read more

Draw Viewer’s Into The Photographic Composition With Lines

Lines are visual elements of a photograph which draw the viewers sight into the photograph. Lines lead the eye to the subject of the image and thus add a visual appeal to the otherwise static and still photographs. Lines compliment the compositions with interesting dimensions and offer distinct characteristics. It draws the viewer’s eyes into… Read more

7 Surefire Tips On Capturing Expressions

Expressions is an indispensable element of  portrait photography. Capturing expressions gives an opportunity to portray human emotions on the photographic frame and adds liveliness to a photograph. Expression is an interplay of all the facial features reflecting (and depicting) various moods and thus adds dynamics to the photographs. Portrait photography is incomplete without capturing the… Read more

10 Tips On Photography Composition Using Patterns

Nature offers ample of opportunities to capture the patterns. Patterns contribute to a composition aesthetically. Human beings aren’t usually accustomed to these patterns and arrangements in their day-to-day lives; and when these arrangements are presented graphically with blend of colors, shades, tones and heightened effects of lines, curves and textures; they naturally draw the human… Read more

30 Stunning Sunset Photographs

Sunsets are always appealing — filled with lovely tones and shades of red. The beautiful colors in the sky and intensity of light at this hour of the say is simply stunning. You just need a few tricks to make great sunset photographs happen. Perfect composition and right exposure is what unlocks the secret to… Read more

Sunset Photography — 6 Photography Tips For Great Sunsets

Sunset is the magical moment of the day —  time to rejoice the accomplishments (of the day). Everything in the vicinity becomes serene, subtle and full of warm colors (to complement the glory of sunset). Brightness of the sky, whiteness of the clouds and the chirping birds — all fade away with the setting Sun… Read more

Post-processing is all about adding some finishing touches to your photographs. And for you as a photographer these finishing touches define the difference between a professional photograph and a casual picture. The professionals rely on Photoshop actions and advanced techniques and spend a considerable amount of time to add these finishing touched. However as a… Read more