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August 2009

7 Things You Can Do Today To Fall In Love With Photography

The thumb rule is – you fall in love with things that you can do right. If you can get some astounding pictures you’ll fall in love with your own art. But just in case you haven’t made it there yet here’s a list of things you can do today and see yourself shooting like… Read more

Photo Of The Day — Passing By A Peacock

This one was quick and dirty. I wasn’t on a wild-life photography spree but still I was lucky enough to apply breaks and shoot this one from within my car. And I had to wait and wait to get this shot which seems the best of the set. By the way here’s a bonus –… Read more

Should You Digitally Manipulate Your Photographs?

This is a highly debatable question. The purists swear by originality and look down upon manipulated work. But in the digital age when most of the photographs don’t even take form on paper and just are passed from screen to screen, sure quite a lot has changed. It’s easy to use Photoshop to cover up… Read more