January 2009

Black And White Photography-II — What To Photograph Beyond The Colors

Once you’re ready to look beyond the colors you’ll discover the beauty of the colorless world. Welcome to the second part of the Black and White Photography series. In Part I we saw how black and white photography fell a class apart from the colorful world, the kind of challenges black and white photography poses [...]

Black And White Photography-I — Classy Timeless Pictures

Black and white photography — An Introduction The language of grays is classy, timeless, moody, artistic and captivating. Black and white pictures draw a lot of viewers’ interest, attention and reaction. Color photographs tend to be boring at times because they are the same what our eyes see day and night. Unlike color photographs, black [...]

Splash Photography — How To Shoot A Splash Scene

Splash photography is challenging and a lot of fun. The reason – it requires some precise coordination, the results are wonderful and you are going to have a lot of fun practicing some coordination with your assistant while witnessing some funny moments. Let’s get started with this fun e-workshop. Items Required For Splash Photography You [...]

Best Of APN In 2008

2008 witnessed the launch of APN and some of the richest content published on this blog. We tried to cover some of the basics in-depth to form a solid foundation as we and our readers grow as photographers and a community as a whole. Here are some of the posts that made it to the [...]